Just Call Me Your Daddy… (Maybe)

Posted by VeRonda Wicks August 31st, 2010

Man… it is still Rodney King who said it best… Okay, so you all know I’m not the biggest LeBron James‘ fan, but after reading an article about a man suing LeBron (and his mom), I’m sorta hoping he comes out on top on this one (Uh, well, if it’s not true).

D.C. lawyer, Leicester Bryce Stovell (funny and similar letters, huh?), is suing LeBron and his mom, Gloria, basically because he says he’s LeBron’s father and they’re saying he’s not. That’s it in a nutshell. Stovell is saying he met Gloria in a Washington bar and restaurant (Uh rah, she was like 15 or 16 at the time, but let’s go along with it.), hooked up with her, and didn’t see her again… Obviously, creating LeBron. Stovell appears to be a bit salty because he’s being denied paternity (Paternity? Crack up! Isn’t LeBron like 62? Doesn’t this happen when the child is like 3 months?).

LeBron’s attorneys are like, really dude, you didn’t want anything to do with this kid (apparently) and now he has one of the biggest contracts in NBA history and it is simultaneously lining up with you wanting to be in your alleged kid’s life? Wow… (NOTE: This was me paraphrasing the attorneys’ words… Not sure if “dude” was actually in the court notes.).

Integrity and dignity are the only two things I’m bringing up… I hope these traits prevail.

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Posted by Hubby August 23rd, 2010

Hey Readers,  this is Hubby.  Let me apologize for the lull in posting… Wife and I are enjoying the warm ocean waves in the Dominican Republic and this excellent experience on the Punta Cana resort doesn´t feed the desire to stop and post, but the beat goes on, right?… Anyway, here are my vacation ponderings…

As you may know my wife, the standard blogger here, has never denied her love for the L.A. Lakers. We happened to be watching ESPN and the story about Pau Gasol truly intrigued us. As a young man, Pau had two things he wished to become and do: a basketball player and a doctor. Here is the interesting thing… the catalyst for his desire to become a doctor was watching one of his basketball idols, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, announcing his retirement because he had contracted HIV. I remember watching that same press conference and feeling that same sense of loss that I am sure Pau felt at that moment. It is in these times of loss that we, human beings, tend to find real appreciation in a person, place, or thing. It is also in these times of loss that we resolve to make changes and hopefully changes that benefit our family, our community, our nation… you get it? But anyway…

According to the story Pau decided to pursue his dream of professional basketball and put his medical studies on hold. He could not continue his rigorous schedule of both medical and basketball training. What came to my mind reading his story is the fact that no matter how famous, successful, or prominent we become we still all have to make choices that will affect our present and future reality. According to Pau, he believed that he would be able to pursue his medical career after his basketball playing days were over. Even if he gets the chance to accomplish this, he still had to choose at one point in his life.

…back to the beach!

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“My” Baby…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks August 9th, 2010

Yeah, yeah… I know, we do professional sports here, but I couldn’t resist sharing the professionals of tomorrow.

D’Amaie (pronounced “d-ah-may”; the announcer for the race referred to her as “Dam-e”… Crack up!) Davis won the 2010 AAU National Junior Olympics Sub-Midget Girls 1500RW  in Virginia and I’m so ecstatic! I couldn’t believe how filled I became with emotion after watching her victorious race walk. You have to see it for yourself…

I know how hard she’s worked and her dedication paid off. She’s a champion! I could take this story in so many directions… of life lessons, encouragement, etc., but I just want to dote over a precious gift who means the world to me. No, I’m not her mother (although her mom is very dear to me), but rather a maternal bystander who has watched her grow from the very beginning (Uh, let’s reword. LOL!…). From the time her mom started to show until her birth, I was right there. And I loved every minute of it. She just felt like mine from the very beginning (But, not in the crazy, stalk the pregnant woman way.) and all of this just came back to mind while I watched her turn the corners and stay the course for the ultimate win.

I celebrate D’Amaie and her future as a professional athlete or otherwise. With all that goes on in the world (and there’s a lot), it’s so ridiculously nice to well up because of pure joy… nothing more, but pure joy (Sigh.). [Side note: I called her mom after watching the video and got choked up all over again… and Hubby said I sounded like the cowardly lion. LOL! Thanks, Honey… Back to the pure joy moment.]

Hot off the press!!… she was noted in the Baltimore Sun, Sports section…

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Lessening the Legacy?…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks August 5th, 2010

Ummm, I’m feeling that Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield feeling with this whole Shaquille O’Neal situation. Enough is, well, enough in my opinion. Seriously… Shaq, let your name retire in lights, in grandeur… in the true sense.

If you haven’t heard, O’Neal just signed a 2-year, $3-million deal with the Boston Celtics and my stomach almost literally jumped through my knees and onto the ground (Uh, no exaggeration here!). Why Shaq? You’re 38, a champion, an All-Star, and one of the most prolific big men in the game (Ever!) and you’re gonna add to this tremendous NBA legacy this jumping-jack experiment? It’s crushing (not quite crushing, but you know), and actually appears rather desperate.

I heard Michael Jordan the other day talking about the love of the game and how nothing ever truly quenches that thrill… He continued by saying in his mind he still believes he can hang-undoubtedly-with the youngsters, but that it’s his body that just can’t physically do it any more. I’m guessing this is a bit of Shaq’s reality, as everyone knows he’s a diminished shadow of himself. And can you imagine the massive ego he’s going to have to swallow when he finally says (which I hope is any moment now) “I’m done”?…

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There is a Plan, You Know?

Posted by VeRonda Wicks August 3rd, 2010

I haven’t really written at all about the major leagues this year just because, well, there’s nothing too much to speak on… The game has really, overall, bored me into watching summer NBA games, where the bench talent show off their stuff and, of course, the ups and down of NFL summer camp. But, something of note has crept up and I think it is a small spark in an otherwise dull MLB season (And, there’s a wonderful lesson… Take out your pens.).

So, “A-Rod” (I’m so over tough-guy nicknames outside of high school. LOL!) A.K.A. Alex Rodriguez, of the New York Yankees, is about to make crazy history by being in the elite group of power hitters (6 to be exact) who have achieved 600 home runs. He’s currently at 599 and, frankly, seems to be in some sort of hitting rut. He’s taking his time and telling the media that he’s approaching this hit just like any other, but you know somewhere inside that almondy (Yes, “almondy”) skin, he’s itching for that long ball.

I’m not a fan, really, but I can appreciate the quest. It’s really something else when you’ve gotten so close only to be denied what you believe you rightly deserve. A-Rod appears to be a relatively upstanding guy, so for that reason I hope he achieves his goal. I’ve experienced both… the fallen short gloom and the utter glee of achievement, and, well, I gladly prefer the latter. The thing is (And it’s pretty simple!), there is much to be said about the former. Preparation, proactiveness, and passion are things I take along with me on the journey to achieve. Each one has its place and together, I’m pleased to say, you’ll have the perfect formula. You should really take the onus to achieve, but in order for that to happen you have to sketch out a plan(Uh, yes, okay… You can use my formula.)… A-Rod included. It’s doable… but its always a choice.

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Yes, Youth is Wasted on the Young…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks July 26th, 2010

[Aug. 29th AMENDED BLURB… University of Texas coach, Mack Brown, said Sergio Kindle’s recent fall down two flights of stairs might have been the result of narcolepsy.]

He fell down the stairs? Ummm… okay.

So, Sergio Kindle… the “not-signed-yet-with-the-Ravens” lineman out of University of Texas is in stable condition with a head injury. Guess how? Well, the Ravens gave a report (apparently from Kindle’s dad) that he was celebrating being drafted before he was due to training camp and, well, fell down two flights of stairs (Are your eyes all squinty, too, wondering “what?”?). Like, could he not regain his balance after the first flight?

Ravens’ first pick in the 2010 draft has a head injury and it’s a sad situation because I’m thinking how do you know he’ll be the same? And, uh rah, what time are we talking before he’ll be able to practice with the team? And most importantly, how bad will his second head injury be once his mother is done with him?

I think you can tell that I’m drained by it all, but you know, I just want these guys to think. Your life was about to be what its never been, but now, now there is every real possibility that it will be even worse than ever. Think, fellas, think…

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You’ll Find No Blood Here

Posted by VeRonda Wicks July 20th, 2010

Dwyane Wade, now one of the “Big 3″ for the Miami Heat, made a faux pas the other day…

He was attempting to make the analogy that the media was making and would continue to make “this” into more than what it needed to be. “This” would be the Heat’s mega acquisition of a couple of the NBA’s most sought after free agents, Chris Bosh and LeBron James, to add to superstar and free agent, Wade. The thing is, Wade’s comparison might have been a bit much… he compared this hot topic to that of the unending media coverage of the catastrophe of the World Trade Center. Yes, (close your mouth) the deadliest attack in American history Wade compared the Heat’s new face to.

Now, I get it… I actually heard the sound bite and it wasn’t that bad. I casually shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself that using this time in history might be a bit much, but I felt no malice associated with it. He felt the enormity of the situation and wanted to give what, he thought, would be a justifiable and clear comparison. He quickly sent out an apology, before (well… during) the swarm of analysts and media alike could jump at the chance to catch blood in the water (Love the animal/insect references…).

We’ve all done it… That insert-foot-into-mouth feeling. I just think people should look at the intent of the thing. You could tell his demeanor was nothing associated with conflict or evil dealings. Yes, it was bad wording and timing… and yes, basketball isn’t that serious. But, my focus is to always look at that heart of the matter. His heart was in the right place. Give the man a pass!…

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I am a Resident in a Hilarious World…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks July 13th, 2010

So, I’m finally at the point where I can wrap my head around everything and actually comment… Last week was just too much and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing…

First, I have to say that, again, the hype around someone who hasn’t won a thangggg is mind boggling to me… But I digress. The Cavaliers majority owner, Dan Gilbert, took me over with his ignorant and emotionally stated comment regarding LeBron James’ relocation decision. Now, I’m maintaining a more positive and upbeat stance on this versus going the other route, but I can see the points stated regarding misplaced loyalty, racism, and the like. I guess my biggest question is, who cares? I mean, really. Now, my mother (69 years young I add) is a popular culture guru, which is weird in and of itself, and when she kept updating me on the latest LeBron happening I just thought, why me?

After experiencing from the comfort of my couch, a wonderful championship run by the L.A. Lakers, I am involuntarily dragged through the mud of the LeBron train and I’m drained, truly. I’m happy for him… Well, more indifferent, but we’ll call that “happy” instead. Maybe he’ll finally win the big game with the Miami Heat and then, finally, I would be more agreeable to the world stopping for a champion.

And to sum it up, surely CNN, Good Morning America, and primetime television shows (to name a few) can find something else to talk about and someone more deserving to interview… Wait, how ’bout that Harlem NY guy, Geoffrey Canada,  who is changing the world (literally) one block at a time. This world is hilarious…

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Posted by VeRonda Wicks July 7th, 2010

The title is all the excitement I can muster…

Hubby and I were talking about it earlier and we agree: This time of year sucks when it comes to sports. I mean, baseball can’t hold the attention of anyone unless they live in L.A., New York, Florida, or Chicago (I’m a witness that Chicago baseball is a world by itself.). And, if I hear another word that begins with “Le”… Lethal, Legal, Lead, anything close to LeBron, I think I will pull out each of my twists individually. Does anyone realize that this “King” has no jewels… not one? At least with all the hype they would show Dwyane Wade the same or even more respect (air time) because he actually has a ring… Off that and on to other summer-time boredom…

Tiger Woods is sucking on the course and paying out the benjamins to wifey… Actually, the payout contraversy is more exciting than his play. Federer was knocked out of Wimbledon and Serena made it… Of course she would because her competition was non existent. I mean, I’ve flipped through every sports channel and nothing (I have been enjoying soccer though, I must say. Stop it, Kid!)…

Is it just us or are you feeling a sports void, too? If I didn’t have True Blood and the anticipation of Big Brother I don’t know what I’d do during these dog days of summer.

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Much To Do About Change…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks June 28th, 2010

The FIFA (What this stands for is below. Geesh!) peeps are thinking of taking away all instant replays and anything showing past plays within the game of soccer. Of course, this is much to the dismay of Americans, of which are seemingly in the few who want this latest and greatest in technology to remain.

The thing is, the umps are getting it wrong. Simple as that… The point of the game is to get goals and if the ump is disallowing them, when they’re so rare in the first place, it makes for a dull game. Some say that’s the point (not the dullness), that the game is subjective and that’s the beauty that should remain.

I’m all about replays… I think in this new age of being able to see everything when you want and need to, that not allowing this advancement would leave the game antiquated. I’m interested in hearing thoughts on this one ’cause it’s possibly a grand transition in sports (or not… LOL!). Overall though, I’m not the biggest fan of change. I like familiarity. I like knowing things will remain the same… I mean, especially when something isn’t broken, you know? That’s just me…

FIFA=International Federation of Association Football (French: Fédération Internationale de Football Association)… It was way too long to explain above…

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