They’re Just Like Me?

Posted by VeRonda Wicks June 3rd, 2008

Imagine you’re a professional athlete (Yes, you!) and you have everything you could ever imagine at your disposal… money, notoriety, cars (often phrased as endeared toys), and anything else your little heart desires. Now, with all of this fame and success you stumble across a rough patch in your life that you aren’t exactly expecting neither is it in your control (You know it happens all the time.).

In fact, it happens to the best of us. An uncontrollable situation is, indeed, the great equalizer between us all (the professional athlete and the everyday Joe… or wherever you fall in between).

Considering this (as yourself or as A.K.A. a professional athlete), how would you go about handling that uncontrollable situation? And, if you have experienced that seemingly out of control situation, how did you come through it?

It’s sharing time…

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Major Attention

Posted by VeRonda Wicks June 1st, 2008

Every parent’s wish is for their child to come into this world with 10 fingers and 10 toes. It’s a desire that, above all else, health prevails. And, the mysterious observation about parenthood-despite anything that comes up-is the unending capacity to hope. They hope in the face of disappointment, adversity, and seemingly hopeless situations… These parents are no different.

Ernie Els, a former World No. 1 and member of the PGA tour, (with confidence and courage) recently revealed that his 5-year-old son, Ben, has autism. After dealing with the diagnoses for some time privately (understandingly so), Els and his wife, Lielz, disclosed that they were now comfortable with sharing (couldn’t imagine the level of difficulty). During the PGA tour earlier this year, Els donned an Autism Speaks logo on his golf bag (Go Ernie!). Obviously showing the logo on purpose, Els desires to use his celebrity to raise money and bring awareness to the disorder.

Admitting that it isn’t easy, Els settles into the fact that there has been a change of life and priorities for his family. But, the Els find that they are quite capable of dealing with this as part of their lives and would just like to help others who are less fortunate in the same situation.

The U.S. Open is fast approaching… look for Els (and maybe Little Ben) as he courageously fights this battle with and for his son.

Could you imagine revealing some of your most private struggles to the world?… How would you answer the world’s, then, unending desire to know more?

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The Small Things

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 29th, 2008

Can it be that you may not know your significant other’s favorite thing (Hmmm… think hard)? If so, what it is? Is it that cute, pink button up that just makes your mouth water (Pause. Think.)? Or is it that book about how to be a better you (Now, now… I agree that these can be handy items to have around)? I guess what I’m curious about are the small things.

The small things... that cute pink shirt.

I know sometimes, for me, well, it’s the small things that mean so much. I’m referring to times, for instance, when Hubby (I will give him a name one day.) makes me tea without my having to ask because he knows tea soothes me. Or when he takes the clothes out of the washer and puts them in the dryer because he knows I’m swamped with other stuff.

For Hubby’s birthday I tried to get floor tickets to a Lakers’ game. Well, that plan was meeting a dead end, so I decided to plan for a nice dinner with friends (He loves our friends.). At the last minute tickets came through and I presented him with his choices… dinner at a very nice restaurant with close friends or tickets to a game where we wouldn’t have the possibility of a GI-normous athlete falling on us. Well, after the game (LOL!) we decided what we wanted to do for the rest of his birthday weekend.

Point is we often times give based on our likes and wants (Don’t get me wrong. I’d be the first at a Lakers’ game… with pom poms!). But, I thought since we couldn’t get the floor seating that the night wouldn’t be eventful enough—and guess what?—it was an outstanding evening.

Hmmm, could you think of that favorite thing that your sports’ fan would be ecstatic over?… or at least thankful that it’s not having to wear that pink button up again (Hilarious!).

Do tell…

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What’s Your Sports Need?

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 27th, 2008

What do you think?Very easy today… it’s important that with understanding your enthusiastic sports fan side of things that the same happens for you. With this in mind, one simple question today…

What would be that important thing that you’d love your sports lover to say or do that would help to make it more conducive for you to want to watch or participate in sports with them? And, why?

We all have something. What’s yours? I can’t wait to hear your important thing!

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A Remote Perspective

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 25th, 2008

K, so from these entries on remotes I’ve learned some interesting things that I hope will be beneficial to you all as well. I’ve found that a lot of this has to do with perspective. Often times the remote may be viewed as just a simple electronic that turns the television on and off while it’s seen by others as much, much more.

For the sports lover, there is an experience that happens with each start of each game. The important thing here is that we share in that experience, too.

One earlier comment on my blog was from a guy who said he was excited about this site because through it he’ll be able to talk to his wife about more than just bills. Trust me when I tell you that your special person really does want to share with you about that ridiculous (ridiculous is very good here) play that happened in the Playoffs this weekend or the soccer move that was the best ever. That person just needs to feel that those plays are just as important as the person who jumped in front of you at the grocery store… perspective, right?

The multi-faceted remote was a jump start to get us into the mindset that sports is more than a past time for our significant other… there’s a love there, a passion, past dreams, hopes deferred, aspirations to come, seasons to remember. And what a friendship that can develop in just seeing someone else’s perspective.

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The Remote… and Everything Else

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 23rd, 2008

So, how was the remote control question session? I actually hope it was insightful and relaxing. And, if you haven’t gotten around to it, just take some time to do it. It may not appear to be a big deal (Believe me, it is… try to change the channel with 11 seconds left in a game.), but understanding your sports fan means understanding the things that person love.

You know, part of my research is actually just asking my husband what he thinks about this, that, or the other. Well, remote clarification is no different… I wanted to know from his perspective why the remote was so important and what it would compare to for women. His answer came free flowing (LOL!)!

He said “everything”. That was it. I was like, I need more information, Babe (He was really satisfied with the answer he gave! That was amusing to me.). He continued with the clear and concise statement that when he holds the remote in his hands he’s in control and everything else, although I make him believe he’s in control of, I actually control (Why would you think that, Babe?… You’re getting sleepy, sleepy.). I really appreciated his candor of explanation (and he was really quick to answer, too!). He helped me learn something about his desire and at the same time, our relationship (I’m serious that while writing this I am wiping away tears from laughing so hard… We laughed hysterically while he held the remote up in such proclamation.).

See how just asking opened communication, and in our case, added to our chest of funny stories to share.

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The Remote Is Your Friend, Too

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 21st, 2008

Help me out here… Why is it that the infamous (now ergonomically designed) remote is somewhat of a misnomer? It’s just there looking up at us, confused by why we are confused by it (at least I like to believe that I’m not the only one confused in the room).

The remote is more than just a convenient tool used to turn off the television in order to get that all too precious quality time. Neither is it a handy boomerang (without the return effect) to quickly get your sports lover’s attention… (Doesn’t that sound better than just calling it a weapon?… Hilarious!). The remote is your friend and just like any other friendship; you have to do your part to make the relationship work.

This is a process, you know. And since we’re still identifying ‘why we sit on couch’ (Thanks for the comments so far! Keep sending them.), it would also be an outstanding feat if we can address the other happy couch components. Today it’s the remote…

remote - also a woman\'s friend

So many buttons. So many colors. So many choices. Right? Well, here’s the way to abandon that fear and win the battle between you and the remote… Just ask. Yep! That simple (What did you think, it involved removing the batteries?). That sports fan would be delighted and surprised by your interest (I’m not just a spokesperson, I’m a client…). Ask what you want to know. You’ll be surprised by the results.

More to come on the remote…

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Why You Sit on the Couch…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 19th, 2008

It’s really amazing when there is a genuine love for something (in this case, sports). It’s actually also pretty incredible when you hold someone so dear that you learn to appreciate what they love because it’s an opportunity to share something special.

For me, I think it’s extremely necessary to identify the reason behind the action. Honestly, a lot of times a significant other won’t really care about the athlete on the court… You know, in regards to the particular happenings off the court. But, women do… we just naturally care. When we gain a greater understanding of who the athlete is off the court, that athlete becomes more than just a phenomenon, but a person-a real person. This person then becomes someone you can identify with and truly see yourself in.

That’s the goal! To make a genuine step toward putting a finger on why you’re sitting there on the couch (when you know you have to go to work the next day) or in the sports bar watching that game.

Personally, I fall in between the two… I truly love sports and I love the time sports allow my husband and I to spend together. I can laugh hysterically about a crazy Michael Jordan (Come on, you gotta love Mike!) moment or recall the great latter years of Magic (Notice I said ‘latter’… a lady never tells her age. Oh, and that’s Earvin “Magic” Johnson). And with that same passion and love I can debate my husband about why the Utah Jazz fans would “boo” Derek Fisher (now with the LA Lakers) every time he touches the ball when they know he left the Jazz to help save his daughter’s life (Uh, a no brainer, by the way.). Rarely, if ever, are we in different rooms when a game is on because in some way it becomes a special time between the two of us.

So, let’s identify this ‘why’ together… And, it’s okay wherever you fall on the spectrum. The main thing is to develop that ‘why’ and just go from there. I’m compelled to believe that no matter where you fall, sports can be an amazing vehicle to some wonderful times.

I’d love to hear your ‘why you sit on the couch’ story…

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Remembering Safety featuring Driving Racecar Rhapsody

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 17th, 2008

A track. Four powerful legs. Four revved-up wheels. Much opposition. Cheering crowds. One winner.

How difficult is it trying to be the best… trying to live up to the status quo, if not in your own mind (Eight Belles, the filly racehorse that met her demise at the Kentucky Derby, tried her best, didn’t she?)? How much pressure is there in the winner’s circle and can that encircling gratitude be fleeting? There is so much time and effort, passion, and drive put into it. You want to win. You have to win. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

And they’re off (Go, Racecar Rhapsody, go!)! Red, Yellow, Green. Boundaries. Rules. Strategies. Expectation. Tradition. Momentum. Go!

Everything that could go through your mind does (Don’t you hate that?). Remember to stay focus. Remember what all this is for. Don’t let the crowd spook you… do what you’ve been trained to do. Remember the speed and the captive audience. Remember the brand and the captive audience. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

Laps. Passing (Just one more whip, I promise). Space to make a move. Pit stops (We don’t need that last caution.). Hugging the corners. Stretching ‘em out. Checkered Flag.

You can expect that there’s going to be adrenaline-(Only adrenaline will allow someone to sit in such a tight race car with all leather on! Hilarious!)-and appropriately so. The competition calls for it. The competition needs it. Before you know it, the moment has passed and you look up… Did you win? You remembered that whatever you did you needed to bring back a win.

Waiting in the moment, you remembered-remembered that whatever you did, above all else, you remembered to be safe.

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A Driving Cause

Posted by VeRonda Wicks May 15th, 2008

Sometimes having all the money in the world doesn’t seem to quench the thirst of wanting to help others. Seeing someone else succeed is most certainly a fulfillment that has much of nothing to do with a price tag. It’s the sacrifice made that makes everything else worth living. What a wonderful legacy to leave that with all the acclaim and success obtained, that someone else was able to truly benefit from it.

Racing this weekend in Charlotte is the signature flipper, Carl Edwards. A NASCAR phenomenon known for his signature celebratory back flip (Kids, don’t try this at home.), Edwards is spinning more than tires (You’ll appreciate that line in a second.).

I don’t think you could guess this even if you wanted to (Wait. Ponder. Breathe.)…

He has a record label [Back 40 Records] geared toward helping artists fulfill their dreams. Were you close?

Now what could be better than that??

The No. 99 Roush Racing Ford driver admits that it took him a long time to figure out his dream of becoming a professional driver and it is as important to him to help someone else’s dream come true as well (Seriously… tear, tear).

With no prior experience, Edwards just bought the equipment and turned a space into a professional recording studio. Being from the small town of Columbia, MO, Edwards was familiar with several artists who just needed that big break and felt that he could be the catalyst to make their big breaks happen. In his own words, Edwards realizes that everyone has ability and that all they need is opportunity. He says there is nothing better than being that opportunity for someone.

Wow… Be sure to check Edwards out this weekend. And let me know if you see a flip or two.

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