Time Management

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 22nd, 2008

Monday nights for Hubby and I are usually common evenings, with conversations about the week ahead and reflections of the all-too-short weekend that just flew by. It’s not until this time of year that Mondays take on a whole new meaning…

It means staying up way pass the time we should in order to watch Monday Night Football… This night will be no different as we get everything ready (All the remotes, cells, cordless telephone, snacks… all within arms’ length!) for the potential smash-mouth competition between the New York Jets and the San Diego Chargers. But, like with anything, you want to have good time management when committing to such a time stealer as football (and it is that)… so we multi task (folding clothes, cleaning during half time, a little this, a little that). We’ve even settled into the fact that, if it’s a good game and we stay up for it’s entirety, we’ll introduce ourselves to Tuesday mornings without being grumpy.

So, yes, I agree that time management is important… Especially if you’re weighing a spouse and children or other priorities. I also remind myself that we usually do exactly what we want to do and find a way to make whatever we want happen. This’ll be a great game tonight so it’s cool to be cool with your significant other tuning in… And, you can be that balance in the evening, clarifying what multitasking is all about… (Uh, be sure to wait ’til a commercial [Yes. Hence the name!] before rambling off the to dos! Hilarious!).    

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Do Something Different Today…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 19th, 2008

I thought talking about this story, although the NBA isn’t up and running yet, would be a great one for today…

Charlie Villanueva, a power forward for the Milwaukee Bucks, has an organization (the Charlie Villanueva Foundation) focused on helping kids with similar backgrounds as his. Villanueva grew up in New York and was often teased because of his condition, alopecia areata, which caused him to lose all his body hair. It saddened me to know that he, like so many other children growing up with various diseases, had to endure their illness and the criticism (…more like malice, but I’m giving the kids the benefit of the doubt! Can they even possess such a thing at such a young age? Oh well.) of their peers. Basketball was his oasis to escape his reality. Now he wants to use his voice to help others, proclaiming that he has never forgotten where he’s come from.

With all that goes on in the world, sometimes it’s just so nice (hmmm… like a chocolate malt from that place with 31 flavors!… I’m back, I’m back!) to hear of someone doing something nice for someone else. I’m in a good mood… I’m going to go do something nice for Hubby today (Hint, hint! Let this be a contagious effort!).

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No Refunds Accepted

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 17th, 2008

Imagine this… you’ve already bought your plane tickets. You had the time squared away at work, so you made sure you added it to the vacation calendar. The family is excited and ready to go and then you get a call (email, text, you get where I’m going) saying you won’t be able to take your vacation time from work. Hmm… what is an angry employee to do now? Go, and potentially lose a job or have to deal with pending consequences or don’t go, and disappoint your family-and yourself? Okay, close your collective mouths… this didn’t happen to me, but it did happen to the Baltimore Ravens.

Because of the devastation that Hurricane Ike caused in Texas, the Ravens were unable to travel to Texas to play their opponent, the Houston Texans. For this reason, the Ravens’ “bye week” (Yes, you got it… their vacation week) was the chosen week to re-visit this competition. Now, of course, you can never predict what a natural disaster is going to do; however, there has been a lot of chatter about the Ravens being complainers and whining over nothing-that it’s their job to play. Well, it’s our job to be a lawyer, a surfer, a podiatrist, a blogger… but, when it’s time to go, Baby! (Yes, I needed the exclamation point there for impact.) It’s time to go. The other part of this is that while all the other teams are getting their rest and relaxation, the Ravens won’t be getting a break at all.

I’d just like to see folks taking it a bit easier on the Ravens since they are human and they have families like the rest of us. And although they’re making a lot of money doing what they do, they like time off, too.

And, this is an example for us all… put your time in early and buy those plane tickets in advance. (That’s always a good excuse for the boss as to why you must go!)

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Change Isn’t All Bad

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 15th, 2008

Well, it appears that the Green Bay Packers’ choice to go with quarterback Aaron Rodgers has paid off. The whole world stopped (Okay, maybe just the hardcore football fans who had nothing else better to do!…) and waited to see what the final decision would be: Let Brett Favre come back and continue his 17th year in the league or go with Rodgers, who had been Favre’s understudy for some time. The latter choice has proven beneficial for the organization.

With the new season underway, the Packers are 2 and 0 (Note: The Win column is always first!) and really don’t show signs of slowing down…

I guess that’s the dry knot that’s sitting in the back of my throat (Wait for it. Wait for it… I am drinking something for the dry knot.). (Okay, I’m back.) Change can be a good thing or a scary thing. Either way, none of us tend to like it very much. Sometimes I cringe at the thought of it… Why change how I line up stuff in the refrigerator or how I sometimes throw my clothes onto the bench and leave them there (until Hubby raises that eyebrow just so… heehee!)? But, then it hits you that change is imminent-and-not so bad if you accept that it will always be there.

Acceptance is key… The Packers accepted that it was time to utilize Rodgers. I’ve accepted that clothes aren’t attractive hanging over the bench in my bedroom. That’s 2 and 0 (Remember the columns.). Got something to add to widen the margin?

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Keep It Moving…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 12th, 2008

Have you ever just felt like losing it or that (maybe) you’d already lost it?

Tennessee Titans’ quarterback, Vince Young, has been under the radar after some of his actions were viewed as him losing mental control. After some poorly planned plays (Wow! Say that three times.) against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Young was “booed” by some of the fans. He later said he wasn’t prepared for those reactions and that he just needs to mature in some areas. Offering a very insightful assessment of himself, Young appeared to be very vulnerable; but at the same time, very self assured that a positive change was imminent.

Good for Young… But his experience was really something I felt we all (at some time) go through… It is, indeed, tough some times to endure the pressures of the world and all the expectations that we (and our families, and friends, and neighbors, and pets) put on ourselves. At the same time, like Young, you just have to choose to get up and dust yourself off (even with all the “boos” in the background).

So, let’s all practice!… Get up. Dust yourself off. And, keep it moving (Wait, you missed a spot!).

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Got Cha Back!

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 10th, 2008

The quarterback’s job is to choose the best option on the field that will produce the greatest reward… He stands in the pocket (an imaginary box that offers temporary [and I mean temporary] comfort) to make his decisions and every second counts… He doesn’t do it alone.

He has an offensive line (big men with their backs to him ensuring his safety… at all cost) in place to protect him and if they all work together and do their job, the quarterback isn’t touched and can then get the ball-successful-where it needs to go… Obviously, the end zone is the ultimate goal. The offensive line’s presence is crucial and without them football would be a tea party (with big, sweaty men wearing the same hat… uh, social faux pas!).

Everyday you’re out there (in a sense) “quarterbacking” your life. Who’s your offensive line and what would you do without them? Man, my offensive line wins the Super Bowl for me every year… and without them I’d probably stay in bed most days. Thanks Hubby, Mom, Fave Bro, Fab Sis (in law), In Laws Supreme, and the rest of you guys (you know who you are) who suit up each day (spandex and all!) and have my back!

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One Moment

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 8th, 2008

Overjoyed is an understatement as Hubby and I (with our teams’ season list in hand) flipped back and forth between channels watching football. There was an unending array of yells, high fives, and nail biting moments… and, this was only watching the teams coming out of the tunnels (LOL!). The thrill is, indeed, overwhelming at times (but great none the less). There was a game; however, that brought me pause.

The Kansas City Chiefs were at New England (the Patriots) and of course, the winners seemed to be an easy pick (Uh, the Patriots!)… That was, of course, until Patriots’ quarterback, Tom Brady (Yes, Gisele’s goddess boyfriend…), was injured in the first quarter-but still managed to walk off on his own… (Wow!). An opposing defender fell (Lunged… depending on how you look at it.) on Brady’s left knee… some thinking of it as a season-ending injury…

But what actually came across my mind was that nothing’s guaranteed and that although something’s one way right now, doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be that way in the next moment (Yeah, that sentence seems pretty gloomy, huh?… Stay with me, it’s positive! Hilarious!). Brady went out there and probably never imagined considering not playing again until next season. Personally, I just think when you consider everything, it’s important to really live in the moment…

So go ahead, say that thing you’ve been thinking and just haven’t found courage or take that vacation that just seems unimaginable. We should all learn to just live more and live better. What could it hurt? In all that you have to get done today (or whenever), take time out for you and commit to embracing the moment!

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Anything You Can Do…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 4th, 2008

… Can it really be done better? As I sat back watching the most entertaining and dominant (Yes, this is open for debate.) pair in professional tennis today, Venus and Serena Williams, I wondered who was really the better competitor. I also wondered if they, as sisters, privately possessed feelings of sibling rivalry.

Photos by Anna Bialkowska and Mister-E. (CC)

Serena beat her sister, the Wimbledon champion, in the 2008 U.S. Open, killing Venus’ pursuit of remaining competitive this go ‘round… How did Venus feel?

There are so many levels of sibling rivalry and for many, the outcome is devastating. Imagine being equally talented and successful as another sibling and having your life, both private and professional, played out on television. It isn’t openly discussed, but it’s openly relevant. Imagine it on any level.

As a sibling (and obviously knowing other siblings…) it’s worth noting that sisters and brothers deal with feelings differently and no matter how successful they are (or you may be), the question of how one may be feeling is always relevant… Be sure to check!

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Only the Fittest…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks September 2nd, 2008

Okay… go along with me. You’re a professional athlete and your sport’s season is fast approaching. You know you have to get in tip top shape (You were relaxing a bit during the off season!) for the regular season. What is the one food you would have to give up in order for your training to be truly successful?

Ah-um (I had something in my thought!)… I would say I would reluctantly (And until the off season comes around again… HeeHee!) give up malt milkshakes. Ugh! I love them. They call out to me… “Buy me. Buy me.”

K, the end.

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Our Guessing Game Time

Posted by VeRonda Wicks August 28th, 2008

Are you ready for some football?… I am! I can hardly wait!

It’s like (no, it actually is…) the best part for me of the upcoming season. It might be cold outside, but football is on. For me, football especially is a great time to hang out with Hubby. We laugh and talk and just catch up on life in general. One fun thing we do that makes our time even more special together is playing guessing games…

We print out two sets of the entire season and we both sit there with our pens (You have to use a pin. We found that out the hard way… watch that eraser!) and we guess the winning teams (with our hands over the paper while we write… HeeHee!). We have a blast with it! And, sometimes we do it for an end-of-season gift and other times we do it for the competitive rush… The important thing (even if you’re not the biggest fan of the team or the game overall) is that we do it!

Do you and your significant other have “a thing” that you do for a sporting event?… If not, feel free to borrow ours!

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