Gentle Giant is an Understatement

Posted by VeRonda Wicks December 10th, 2009

You know, I heard this news a few weeks back and just couldn’t believe it, let alone writing about it…

So, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has cancer. Yes. Specifically, its chronic myeloid leukemia. He was diagnosed, late 2008, but just recently shared it with the world. This Hall of Fame NBA basketball legend decided to share his disease as a way of saying that a cancer diagnoses doesn’t mean an automatic death sentence (Crazy, huh?).

Jabbar is fortunate that what he has is treatable. And even with this, he still experienced the common fear associated with this reality that death is around the corner. I just applaud his bravery and his heart that, even in this state, he’s still teaching and being a pillar of strength.

He appears to be such a great guy and, man, what a humbling spirit.

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Much Respect, Shaq…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks December 2nd, 2009

I’m not the biggest Shaquille O’Neal fan, although I respect what he’s done for the game and he has made my mouth drop in amazement a few times…

But, really I just wanted to give Shaq a huge shout out, his propers, for paying for the funeral expenses of that little 5-year-old girl, who was raped and murdered. There’s really no where to go with this story because, for me, its too disgusting to expound on and I don’t want to give the baby’s murderer and mother (yes, mother) any more publicity.

Shaq was touched, as any sane human being would be, by the situation and what a way to make a difference.

I do send out regards to that baby’s dad and extended family.

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The “Answer” is Being Questioned…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks November 24th, 2009

You know, I’m a fan of Allen Iverson. I think he’s been one of the best point guards in the game (uh, basketball, that is… I gotta think of my sports’ challenged readers, too.), but I’m disappointed in his attitude of late.

I mean, in general, no one likes to get old (Heehee… I have bones that crack to songs. LOL!), but we all know its a fact of life. It’s just that I’m sure it can be confusing in professional sports because when a person is hitting the age where life is really just beginning, that same person is over the hill within the NBA (or any other professional game)… And that’s where Iverson is finding himself. But, he’s not aging gracefully. LOL!

It’s just a crack up because he’d rather not play at all versus coming off the bench. The non-graceful part is that he’s not accepting that he’s older now and isn’t as explosive as he once was. Kenny Smith on Inside the NBA laid out a clear case of how Iverson isn’t the “Anwser” that we once knew him to be and the film made it so apparent. He was missing shots, stumbling over his own feet, getting beat on the ball, and not pushing the ball up the court… It was actually sorta sad because Iverson was the truth back in the day.

What I think is unfortunate is that he’s definitely bringing a cloud of shame over his head by being so opposing and by being in such denial. At this point, what choices does he have? I personally don’t think he should leave the game, because those checks would make me think twice about retiring (LOL! I’m just saying.). But, then what are his choices? I can’t believe I’m seeing him in a Grizzlies uniform. Wow!

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Charles, Really? The Number is So Retired…

Posted by VeRonda Wicks November 16th, 2009

Jersey #23So, LeBron, after his team’s win over Miami last week, mentioned that he was going to change his jersey number (which is 23) out of respect for Michael Jordan… who obviously donned the number during his reign in the NBA.

This declaration brought on a media wave of attention to the very conceivable idea of retiring Jordan’s number throughout the NBA, which would cause some players to have to change their number from 23 or another relevant one for them. Although LeBron started this dialogue, I would say Pat Riley, Miami’s GM, pioneered this exact thing as Jordan’s number is already retired in the rafters over the arena seats.

I am a Jordan fan and I saw firsthand what his appearance did for every arena he walked in to, and yet not everyone is exactly on board with LeBron’s assessment. Charles Barkley discussed his stance on Inside the NBA with Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith, and said he didn’t think this should happen. He felt like Magic Johnson and Larry Bird were the two who save the NBA and if anyone should be honored it should be them. Uh, What?

No disrespect Magic and Larry, but are you serious? I can’t even go any further with all the reasons why this isn’t even a comparison. I’m feeling flu-ish (LOL!). Thoughts?

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Artest, Rodman, and Vampires… Yay!

Posted by VeRonda Wicks November 12th, 2009

Okay, say it’s just not me who believes Ron Artest is the second coming (maybe not that extreme) of Dennis Rodman?

If you go back a few posts you’ll see a short lineup of those “bad boy” types that Hubby thought I was endearing to and biased toward (And, yes, Dennis is one!), but that’s not the case here (I wanted to clear that up. LOL!). Artest, the newly acquired defensive mammoth to the L.A. Lakers, makes me a believer that we’re headed for a repeat.

Yes, I know, I know… It’s way too soon for that sort of talk, but what other team made a better or even comparable acquisition (Please don’t say the Cavs with Shaq…)? And what other team now would you say is more solid, with even an overly decent bench, than L.A.? Okay… I’m back. I just needed to point this all out before acknowledging the crazy antics and bonehead decisions Artest has made. But haven’t we all… (I’ll wait! LOL!).

The point is, today, today Artest is out of his mind (in a good way!) and finally with a team that can channel that fierceness and keep him focused at the same time. I mean, who can’t be calm with Phil around and the team reciting the Lord’s Prayer? As I always say, let’s just give him a chance. We shouldn’t deem one over another just because his questionable actions are public and yours or mine aren’t… Rodman was a crazed (And, I feel, misunderstood… Hey, I like vampires, too. Don’t judge me!) rocker with some head-turning tendencies, but when he stepped on the court, who was better?

I’m just saying… 

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Child, Please!

Posted by VeRonda Wicks November 9th, 2009

So, Ochocinco (Chad Johnson) of the Cincinnati Bengals is hilarious. For some time now, he’s been the “spark” (both good and bad) for his team and the unconventional entertainer of the NFL. Aside from his latest verbiage, Child Please!, he is also getting opponents all hot and bothered by sending them stuff in the mail.

Now, check this one out… He sent deodorant to the Baltimore Ravens’ defensive players because he said they couldn’t get close to him the last time they competed and maybe this time they would be able to… get a little closer… (Drained. Okay, I’m back. Hey, did you sing that little jingle, too?).

I never remembered good things happening to those who taunted others, so I’m trying to figure out how this will be different. Some old schoolers say they would make him pay for it on the field with some smash mouth football. I’m all for that, but I guess I’m just a little beside myself that this is being tolerated as he’s being paid to perform and be professional… enough for the antics. Or, is it okay… you know, good for the game?

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The Blind Side

Posted by VeRonda Wicks November 2nd, 2009

So, I’m sure you’ve heard of this movie, right? Maybe not, but I think it’s a go see…

I guess I have this feeling because it is a true story, but I have another thought that I’d like to share, too. This guy, Michael Oher (defensive tackle for the Baltimore Ravens), was just drafted in 2009 to the NFL and his compelling story just stole the show. Literally…

Apparently, so much so, his story is now a movie.

The storyline goes from Oher’s unfortunate upbringing to his adoption by a well-off and caring family to his college celebrity of being a sought after athlete. That’s cool, but why? No, not why he had an unfortunate upbringing or why such a wonderful family adopted him. No… my why is more about why is his life now a movie? Who is benefiting? Now, this guy got paid (enunciate PAAIID) when he was drafted, so he isn’t hurting. His adopted family is comfortable, so I’m sure they’re fine. So who, I ask, is the more from the creation of this movie?

Now, if Oher is going to ultimately benefit off this movie, then I’m all for it. But, if some slimy, slick-suited salesman (say that 3 times fast!) convinced Oher and his family that this was the greatest of ideas just to exploit him, then I’m troubled by that. You know, you just never know…

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It’s That Time… Again

Posted by VeRonda Wicks October 28th, 2009

Okay, so a new NBA season is underway! Yay, right? Well sorta… for me at least. I mean, I love the game and the year’s trade acquisitions have been crazy to say the least (Uh, Ron Artest to the Lakers? Sick!). Okay, I’m back… The thing that has ruffled a part of my feathery side is the feeling that, yep, here we go again… you know, life.

Didn’t think that was going to be the spin, huh? I was just driving and I thought of the new season and I was just like ‘blah’… Honestly. How do you cope with that day-after-day, year-after-year sorta feeling that creeps up and shows its head every once and a while? You know, time and tenure are wonderful things and so I just wonder how one can press through the I-gotta-get-out-of-here itchies…

I’m sure even these paid (uh, really paid) NBA players feel this way, too, here and there. We’re all human and it has to spring upon you every now and then. Even with the money and the resources and the thrills, these athletic specimens even ask what else is there.

I’m sure I’m bumming around because my favorite season is gone, yet again, and while there’s this wonderment over the new NBA season, but I’m already in the playoffs (spring/summer)… Can we say Lakers and Celtics, with the Lakers taking it all?!? That’s an entirely different story…

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Just One Week??

Posted by VeRonda Wicks October 12th, 2009

Okay, for one week (just one!)… if you could be ANY athlete who would it be and why?…

Hmmm… Let me think on who’s jersey I’d like to swap out for and get back to you.

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What’s in Their Heads?

Posted by VeRonda Wicks October 7th, 2009

Literally. What’s left in the heads of those athletes who suffer concussions… yes, some have endured more than one.

I guess, moreover, my question is why would an athlete return to a sport when a concussion is suffered? I mean, the symptoms are real and the long-term consequences are real? A good number of concussions have occurred of late and one by one the athletes are returning to the game.  A sports loving friend of mine says having a concussion now days is as common as getting a headache. Wow.

To me, it’s never that time. One shaky skull and I’m done. I just don’t get it…



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