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What If Your Home Front Spilled Sports

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Someone contacted me (Yes, I got permission to spill the beans.) and asked for practical advice on how to cope in a situation that had them frustrated and, seemingly, beyond the point of mending. Surprisingly enough, this happens to all the time, but it’s the subject matter that varies. So, for this one, I’m calling on you guys for help…

What if your home was literally filled with sports and you couldn’t get away from it? That, in a tight nutshell is what I’m bringing to you. This guy (yes, guy) is in a relationship where there is now no more room for him in it because sports has literally spilled out into every part of his household. When his love interest comes through the door, there is no more “What are we going to do today?” or “I thought this would be nice to do together.”… Nope. It’s television, ESPN, chat rooms, telephone conversations, ordering paraphernalia, blogging, you name it… and then sleep. He says he doesn’t know what happened and honestly, he’s at the point of not caring any more. I sat there listening to the unfortunate details of the state of which this guy is finding himself, while also feeling honored (and burdened) that he thought to contact me as a last-ditch effort in getting his home and love of his life back… He actually said, “I wish it were another person rather than this… At least I could understand it.”

I told him I’d bring this situation to you guys to see what you all had to say and that it would also give me time to digest what he’d entrusted me with. You know, as I’ve said in several earlier posts, Wait Tila Commercial is about bridging that gap and making sports something that makes for a relationship stronger and I’m up for the challenge with this guy because everyone deserves to be happy. Life is too short for anything else… More details to come.

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Just One Week??

Monday, October 12th, 2009

Okay, for one week (just one!)… if you could be ANY athlete who would it be and why?…

Hmmm… Let me think on who’s jersey I’d like to swap out for and get back to you.

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What’s in Their Heads?

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Literally. What’s left in the heads of those athletes who suffer concussions… yes, some have endured more than one.

I guess, moreover, my question is why would an athlete return to a sport when a concussion is suffered? I mean, the symptoms are real and the long-term consequences are real? A good number of concussions have occurred of late and one by one the athletes are returning to the game.  A sports loving friend of mine says having a concussion now days is as common as getting a headache. Wow.

To me, it’s never that time. One shaky skull and I’m done. I just don’t get it…



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Who Knew…

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Why didn’t I know Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the founder and chairperson for the worldwide Special Olympics movement? Isn’t that so random (that I didn’t know, that is…)? I mean, I would never equate the two… anyway, she just passed and obviously all of her contributions are coming out.

I mentioned it to Hubby and a totally surprising conversation started up. Before (like me) he realized what she’d contributed (to sports), he didn’t realize why her death was on random channels, like the sports’ channels. He summed all the publicity up to her family’s dynasty… He felt like people shouldn’t just live off the name without contribution to the name. I could see his point.

When we discovered her contribution, to not only her name (I mean, let’s not kid ourselves, the Kennedy name is synonymous with scandal), but to the world, there was a new found respect for her because of her insight and forward thinking… She maintained that a person’s disability and state of being had nothing to do with a person’s spirit. And, she desired that people with disabilities were included, accepted, and valued.

Now although I feel this was a major sports’ blunder on my part, especially with the pride I have in being a history and knowledge “mini”-buff, I am happy to learn something new (Hubby, too) about such an impact to the sports’ world (FYI, I did know her sister suffered with a disability so now that I think of it, it makes total sense.).

You just never know… Hey, is it just me or has anyone else experienced assuming something (or that they something) about a person, only to realize you were premature in judgment?

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What’s Your Contradiction?

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Greed and contentment. I’m thinking about these two words and I’m curious about your thoughts…

Recently, a boxer was robbed and killed in Atlanta. Vernon Forrest, a former boxing champion, was murdered senselessly because of greed. A guy robbed Forrest at a gas station, took off with his wallet, and shot him repeatedly from the back. I literally have to ponder on this murderer’s actions because it is just so random. I’m captivated by the notion and the obvious reality that I can choose to kill you because I want what you have…

What’s hard for me, I think, is the very public life of Forrest outside the ring. He resounded contentment as a humanitarian and lover of life. I mean, this guy wanted to change the world and imparted into children this same desire.

Why is this okay? I’m not really asking about the murderous aspect of it all because, unfortunately, stealing lives is very much a reality in this world. I’m more referring to the disproportionate meeting of greed versus contentment. I asked Hubby to give me an example of my lack of contentment so I could share it with you guys… He said that situationally, he felt that I am always content with where I am, good or bad (Stop buttering me up, Honey! LOL!). But he then continued by saying that regarding greed, I am quite greedy with my time (Don’t judge me… Crack up! And hey, he didn’t expound and I didn’t ask.)…

I’m showing my greed/contentment contradiction because I think we all possess it… That innate contradiction, that is. Well, don’t we?

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Power to the Fans…

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Well, I guess I could’ve said Power to the People, but it seems to take me in a whole other direction…

The power I’m referring to is actually being given to the fans. Before you even know what I mean you’re probably thinking its about time, right? I think that feeling is why this new movement of sorts is coming into action.

One of the most famous agents to the athletes, Drew Rosenhaus, has apparently done it again with his particular way of manipulating (That maybe way too strong of a word, but you get it…) the media attention towards himself. But, this one, I even think is quite interesting. Rosenhaus has decided that if you (or me, of course), the fan, would like an agent to back you regarding the sometimes strict rules of sports’ arenas and their franchises, then he’s your guy…

What (This needed a paragraph of its own.)?

Yep… for all those who are tired of not being able to bring your own cooler (not the drink! LOL!) to the game or maybe you’re feeling like you’ve had enough of the high prices for food and tickets, you can call up your agent to speak on your behalf.

Now, I’m thinking (along with other sports’ analyst… Yes, I consider myself a sports’ analyst. LOL!) there may not be too much to this… but, ohhhh, the media frenzy and hyped up fans… and, money for the agent. And, just so you know, the NHL (hockey) appeared to have been the starting point for Rosenhaus with fans sporting games and not getting their monies worth. Good times…

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Change is Good, Huh?…

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

Okay, so today’s National Sportsmanship Day… and the question that’s been asked all day all around sports is what would you like to see changed in sports.

I actually started biting my nails (I know, that’s nasty.) on this one because the obvious thought was that I’d like to see equality, fairness in sports between the genders. But then I thought about it and I don’t think I really, really care about that too much after all. So, I’d then have to say that I’d like to see salaries kept quiet. I think a lot of the hold outs, hype, confusion, and diva-like complexes come from one player knowing another player’s worth. Other than that, I’d just like to see the football season extended!

I pose the question to you… What would you like to see changed in sports?

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What Did He Just Say?…

Wednesday, January 21st, 2009

Athletes all over the place are discussing the history that we all witnessed… (K, if you were sick or under a rock or something else, this guy was elected president of U.S. of America!… Just joking. Don’t be so sensitive.) and I’m just curious about something.

As public figures-which athletes are-journalists asked them of their thoughts surrounding this enormous occasion (uh, just about the biggest event ever…), but do you think they really express their true feelings?

For instance, radio personalities represent a small population of those who can express facts and their opinions, regardless of any impending scrutiny. They’ll say “I think he sucks” or “I think he’s the best” and then break for commercial. But, can a very public figure like Kobe (You know I had to go with him!) or a very beloved figure in the person of Brett Favre say “He sucks” and get away with it?

Everyone should have the right to be true about what they have going on up there in that thought realm, but instead I feel like (just like the new President and First Lady) some may fall into the bucket of being a symbol and from that perspective, aren’t able to be true at all.


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A Robe, Tea, & Television

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

Okay, so I’m not feeling well and Hubby has been the best… There is one thing, though. I think he may be taking advantage of my rather weak state and is forcing me to watch stuff that I normally wouldn’t in full strength (i.e. one-dimensional shows, scary stuff, those judge shows)… (What a sneak he is, right?).

Of course, for me, Hubby would never have to twist my arm to watch sports, but maybe your significant others do… When you fall under the weather, do you open one eye-while lying on the couch-to a game that he or she knows you wouldn’t be down for watching normally?

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Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

So, it’s a new year… time to do things differently, time to put things in order, and time to take advantage that it’s, indeed, a new year.

I guess what I’d like to promote is just giving stuff (like sports) a chance. You know, something that you wouldn’t normally be into try to learn something about it… I like to periodically remind you guys of why I’m here and that’s to help relationships to benefit from the knowledge and appreciation of sports.

Whether you like it or not, sports for a lot of people, is apart of life… So, why hate or refuse with something that’s going to be part of your life anyway? Understand that your significant other is significant for a reason and your embracing of what he or she loves would truly be a benefit to your relationship.

Happy New Year!… Make it that for someone else, too.

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