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Ini Mini Miny Mo

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

So, who’s apology was better… Kobe’s or Tiger’s?

Believability is big for anyone, and for me, I’m no different. I believed Kobe. He had the support of his wife (whether genuine or not) and he even had some tears. Whereas Tiger appeared a bit mechanical and rather distracted. For me, it was like he’d practiced using that camera and I just wasn’t feeling him… Wait, and did you see how “too through” his mother was with him (LOL!)? Her body language was priceless.

Overall, the subject is sad in that it is so common and so I’m glad they both chose to apologize. I would like for those who come out to apology to maybe come out without a script… You know, free style a bit. I’m all for notes, an outline, or a bulleted list, but having the entire speech written gives more of a politician look. And, well, uh, I’m thinking the idea is to stay away from being compared to a politician.

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When to Ask…

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

A friend of mine called me today to get some advice on how to help his wife better understand sports. He and I had discussed the subject several times before, but he was at a record high on irritation and needed some answers. I had to think about his questions because it was paramount to gage whether he was frustrated with his wife for her lack of knowledge on the subject or whether he felt she didn’t care about understanding the subject.

I asked him for an example and he said she asked questions like, “Why is the point guard so small? Shouldn’t he be bigger? Isn’t he suppose to guard the other team from getting points?” These questions made him angry and resentful, and we eventually pinpointed why… It wasn’t so much the questions, although he did ask her if she was serious (LOL!). It was more about timing. He said it was during the Finals (NBA, people, for those who aren’t aware) and the game was close, and now she wanted to have this conversation.

It’s timing… with everything that we endeavor, timing is one of the most important facets of a situation. Now, with training camp (NFL yall… Go Ravens!!) in full force, he wanted to be sure that he could stop the questions before they started and before the season started. I recommended asking her to learn one thing a week (You can choose the range.) about the particular seasonal sport that he’s watching. All the while letting her know that this is the type of gift he wants to receive and how important it is to him. I conveyed to him from a woman’s point of view, that one of the more difficult things about relationships is understanding what your partner REALLY wants… You know, instead of trying to guess in the dark.

So, instead of telling your significant other to zip it… just relay that it’s about timing.

I know this is a common reality, huh? I’d love to hear yours…

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You Didn’t Tell Me All That!…

Friday, June 20th, 2008

So, Hubby and I were actually talking about Tiger Woods and his crazy performance this past Monday… (wait, go back…). It’s presumed that he went out to the course and played on a broken leg (crazy, huh?) and so the sports analysts this week have gone back and forth about the depth of his passion.

Back to Hubby and I… we were discussing this and I was wondering just how smart it was for Tiger to attempt such a feat with the possibility of causing more damage. Hubby understood my point, but added that this show of courage and passion just added to the mystique of Tiger Woods.

Do you think his wife knew the extent of his injury?… Possibly. Or, he may of just passed the injury off as something small and she totally believed that to be true.

Has there ever been a time when your significant other didn’t explain the entire situation and you ended up saying, “You didn’t tell me all that!… ‘cause if you had, I would have said…”?

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They’re Just Like Me?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Imagine you’re a professional athlete (Yes, you!) and you have everything you could ever imagine at your disposal… money, notoriety, cars (often phrased as endeared toys), and anything else your little heart desires. Now, with all of this fame and success you stumble across a rough patch in your life that you aren’t exactly expecting neither is it in your control (You know it happens all the time.).

In fact, it happens to the best of us. An uncontrollable situation is, indeed, the great equalizer between us all (the professional athlete and the everyday Joe… or wherever you fall in between).

Considering this (as yourself or as A.K.A. a professional athlete), how would you go about handling that uncontrollable situation? And, if you have experienced that seemingly out of control situation, how did you come through it?

It’s sharing time…

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The Remote Is Your Friend, Too

Wednesday, May 21st, 2008

Help me out here… Why is it that the infamous (now ergonomically designed) remote is somewhat of a misnomer? It’s just there looking up at us, confused by why we are confused by it (at least I like to believe that I’m not the only one confused in the room).

The remote is more than just a convenient tool used to turn off the television in order to get that all too precious quality time. Neither is it a handy boomerang (without the return effect) to quickly get your sports lover’s attention… (Doesn’t that sound better than just calling it a weapon?… Hilarious!). The remote is your friend and just like any other friendship; you have to do your part to make the relationship work.

This is a process, you know. And since we’re still identifying ‘why we sit on couch’ (Thanks for the comments so far! Keep sending them.), it would also be an outstanding feat if we can address the other happy couch components. Today it’s the remote…

remote - also a woman\'s friend

So many buttons. So many colors. So many choices. Right? Well, here’s the way to abandon that fear and win the battle between you and the remote… Just ask. Yep! That simple (What did you think, it involved removing the batteries?). That sports fan would be delighted and surprised by your interest (I’m not just a spokesperson, I’m a client…). Ask what you want to know. You’ll be surprised by the results.

More to come on the remote…

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Why You Sit on the Couch…

Monday, May 19th, 2008

It’s really amazing when there is a genuine love for something (in this case, sports). It’s actually also pretty incredible when you hold someone so dear that you learn to appreciate what they love because it’s an opportunity to share something special.

For me, I think it’s extremely necessary to identify the reason behind the action. Honestly, a lot of times a significant other won’t really care about the athlete on the court… You know, in regards to the particular happenings off the court. But, women do… we just naturally care. When we gain a greater understanding of who the athlete is off the court, that athlete becomes more than just a phenomenon, but a person-a real person. This person then becomes someone you can identify with and truly see yourself in.

That’s the goal! To make a genuine step toward putting a finger on why you’re sitting there on the couch (when you know you have to go to work the next day) or in the sports bar watching that game.

Personally, I fall in between the two… I truly love sports and I love the time sports allow my husband and I to spend together. I can laugh hysterically about a crazy Michael Jordan (Come on, you gotta love Mike!) moment or recall the great latter years of Magic (Notice I said ‘latter’… a lady never tells her age. Oh, and that’s Earvin “Magic” Johnson). And with that same passion and love I can debate my husband about why the Utah Jazz fans would “boo” Derek Fisher (now with the LA Lakers) every time he touches the ball when they know he left the Jazz to help save his daughter’s life (Uh, a no brainer, by the way.). Rarely, if ever, are we in different rooms when a game is on because in some way it becomes a special time between the two of us.

So, let’s identify this ‘why’ together… And, it’s okay wherever you fall on the spectrum. The main thing is to develop that ‘why’ and just go from there. I’m compelled to believe that no matter where you fall, sports can be an amazing vehicle to some wonderful times.

I’d love to hear your ‘why you sit on the couch’ story…

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