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When Is It Okay?…

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Today I was watching Sports Center… nothing abnormal… but, then a story came across the screen that made me ask, ‘When is it okay?’.

So, I ask you, when is it okay to call your stepmother a whore (close your collective mouths…)? I just sat there and although the story was so much more than that, that’s where I stopped.

Jeremy Mayfield, a NASCAR driver, just lost his father and now the poop has hit the fan between Mayfield and his stepmother. She obviously said she witnessed Mayfield’s meth use and he hit the fan (Aside, he is in the media about allegedly using meth.). Along with calling her a liar and indicating that he doesn’t even spend time around her, he called her a whore.

I just thought, when is there ever a time to go there? Even if a person is totally justified, to me, it just makes that person look bad… especially when it’s on air. I feel like a person should think of the bigger picture and, in Mayfield’s case, remember the whole public relations part of it. How are you looking? It’s all about perception. Perception is, indeed, reality.

So, as I got off the couch to get something to drink, all that stayed with me in that story was someone’s mother (step… okay) was a whore and it just didn’t settle well with me.

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Doing It All Again…

Monday, November 17th, 2008

Okay, I’m riding to work this morning listening to a particular sports talk show (Not sure if I can say the name, but I’ll give you a hint… Both of the hosts first names are the same and the first letter begins with “M”.) and Jimmie Johnson, a NASCAR dude, was the special guest.

Johnson won his third consecutive NASCAR Sprint Cup title (This is huge… Like only a hand full of people have done this.). This is an enormous feat for this exciting and dangerous racing sport. And, I was really taken aback by his humility about it all. Actually, it was quite refreshing to see… but, at the same time I was curious.

My curiosity centered around “why do it all again”. I know, I know… the money, the fame, the thrill of it all, but to me (someone who has a fast driving streak too… 90 all the way, baby! LOL! That’s hilarious because these guys would think my car was in park for as fast as they race. Crack up!), once I would’ve won the coveted championship I think I would be good… You see it all the time-for example, Jerome Bettis “The Bus” (You have to have seen him in action in order to get the nickname… Beast of a back.), the former running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, played for over 12 years until he won that ring and guess what? After that, he retired. There are so many more just like The Bus, so I ask, why continue?

I’m not naïve to think that the competitive edge doesn’t just take over and a person believes that he or she can do it again (I understand that.). I guess I’m just referring to the overall danger of this particular sport, which in my opinion, is one of the most difficult ones out there.

Just a thought…

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A Father’s Day Gift

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

For the father who loves all sports, enjoy the line up this weekend.

For the husband who wears his favorite baseball cap, the remote will remain where you can see it.

For the son who schedules life around the finals, happiness is there because (at least) you plan.

For the brother who won’t take that jersey off, the load to go into the wash will wait until Monday.

For the nephew who wants that golf bag, a gift card will reach your mail box just in time.

For the cousin who dreams of being drafted, dreams do come true.

For the neighbor who drops by “for sugar”, but really just loves the big screen, there is a seat waiting.

For the friend who tells the score, you’ll have a listening audience.

Happy Father’s Day… Let the sports-weekend-good-times roll!

What’s your Father’s Day gift to all (or maybe just one!!) the fathers in your life?… Uh, and fathers, what is your hearts’ desire for your special day?

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Remembering Safety featuring Driving Racecar Rhapsody

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

A track. Four powerful legs. Four revved-up wheels. Much opposition. Cheering crowds. One winner.

How difficult is it trying to be the best… trying to live up to the status quo, if not in your own mind (Eight Belles, the filly racehorse that met her demise at the Kentucky Derby, tried her best, didn’t she?)? How much pressure is there in the winner’s circle and can that encircling gratitude be fleeting? There is so much time and effort, passion, and drive put into it. You want to win. You have to win. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

And they’re off (Go, Racecar Rhapsody, go!)! Red, Yellow, Green. Boundaries. Rules. Strategies. Expectation. Tradition. Momentum. Go!

Everything that could go through your mind does (Don’t you hate that?). Remember to stay focus. Remember what all this is for. Don’t let the crowd spook you… do what you’ve been trained to do. Remember the speed and the captive audience. Remember the brand and the captive audience. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

Laps. Passing (Just one more whip, I promise). Space to make a move. Pit stops (We don’t need that last caution.). Hugging the corners. Stretching ‘em out. Checkered Flag.

You can expect that there’s going to be adrenaline-(Only adrenaline will allow someone to sit in such a tight race car with all leather on! Hilarious!)-and appropriately so. The competition calls for it. The competition needs it. Before you know it, the moment has passed and you look up… Did you win? You remembered that whatever you did you needed to bring back a win.

Waiting in the moment, you remembered-remembered that whatever you did, above all else, you remembered to be safe.

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A Driving Cause

Thursday, May 15th, 2008

Sometimes having all the money in the world doesn’t seem to quench the thirst of wanting to help others. Seeing someone else succeed is most certainly a fulfillment that has much of nothing to do with a price tag. It’s the sacrifice made that makes everything else worth living. What a wonderful legacy to leave that with all the acclaim and success obtained, that someone else was able to truly benefit from it.

Racing this weekend in Charlotte is the signature flipper, Carl Edwards. A NASCAR phenomenon known for his signature celebratory back flip (Kids, don’t try this at home.), Edwards is spinning more than tires (You’ll appreciate that line in a second.).

I don’t think you could guess this even if you wanted to (Wait. Ponder. Breathe.)…

He has a record label [Back 40 Records] geared toward helping artists fulfill their dreams. Were you close?

Now what could be better than that??

The No. 99 Roush Racing Ford driver admits that it took him a long time to figure out his dream of becoming a professional driver and it is as important to him to help someone else’s dream come true as well (Seriously… tear, tear).

With no prior experience, Edwards just bought the equipment and turned a space into a professional recording studio. Being from the small town of Columbia, MO, Edwards was familiar with several artists who just needed that big break and felt that he could be the catalyst to make their big breaks happen. In his own words, Edwards realizes that everyone has ability and that all they need is opportunity. He says there is nothing better than being that opportunity for someone.

Wow… Be sure to check Edwards out this weekend. And let me know if you see a flip or two.

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