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Giants Can Still Fall…

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Okay, I was relaxing after a long day… Hanging out, watching Sports Center. The news came on that Lawrence Taylor pleaded guilty to misdemeanors surrounded around rape charges, but avoided jail time.

This Pro football Hall of Famer admitted to having sex with a 16-year-old runaway prostitute. He said that she told him she was 19 (Really? Okay, we’re not going to take that any further; Neither are we going to discuss his wife, Lynette.). So, no jail time, but along with serving 6 years of probation he has to register as a sex offender.

This former New York Giant isn’t new to trouble, but as his lawyer spoke to the media I had that dog-turn-my-head-to-the-side look… He reiterated the facts and then concluded that this was an unfortunate situation and that his client was not a sexual predator (Are you serious, Dude?). I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing, literally. Does he deserve to be on the list?

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Man, Manning!

Monday, November 29th, 2010

There is something happening in the universe and I have yet to put my finger on it. I looked up at the open sky and the sun and moon were rotating, as they should. I am still convinced that there’s a phenomenon taking place. I know I cannot be the only one witnessing the downward spiral of the Indianapolis Colts and more specifically, their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

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If there is someone I have to explain this significance to, okay, here it is: Manning is considered to be among the top 2 (maybe 4 if you’re considering Vick and Rivers) quarterbacks in the League and he has held this reign for some time now. Unlike many teams and quarterbacks, for that matter, a deficit to Manning was nothing as he scored viciously in 4th-quarter come backs and flawlessly executed 2-minute drills. Along with donning NFL’s highest jewel (the ring), he also comes from thorough pedigree stock… So, you have the cliff notes of his pro career… Which adds the bigger question mark to the end of what is going on?

It makes me sit back and wonder if he was always this tremendous pocket passer or if it was all the doing of his supporting cast. Manning was part of an outstanding dynasty of names and grandeur that reclaiming that roster (the talent at least) would be near to impossible. Well, that’s where he seems to live these days… impossible that they’ve loss another game; impossible that the receiver just isn’t Jerry Rice; impossible that all his weapons (I mean all) live outside the lines now with injuries. Manning blames himself for the Colts’ losses and that’s an honorable move as it acknowledges his athletic mortality and the awareness that without his supporting cast, his top rankings are bottoms up.

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Pay Me & I Just Might Play…

Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010

Any time a professional player says some variation of “I’ll do what I want”… I think you can expect trouble.

I’m definitely an afar-off-admirer of Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver Randy Moss (His locale could be changing any time while reading this post.), but his behavior is suspect. I guess more specifically, he is just a primadonna with tremendous skill and I’m not sure why it’s still tolerated within the National Football League, or professional sports for that matter.

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What does it say to aspiring athletes or young people as a whole?… As long as I have skill I can act however I choose?? It is a poor example of sportsmanship and it shows a great lack of character. I have watched Moss back when he was with the Raiders and his antics were the same… I don’t get my way, I don’t play. I often get into friendly disputes over the Randy versus T.O. battle and my message is the same. Yes, both are talented and some say Randy is the better player, but T.O., within the lines, is the professional you’ve paid him to be. Forget age, or that balls have been dropped, or even his off-the-field frolicking… On the field, he takes the hard hits, he’s not afraid of the middle, and he doesn’t give up on plays. Now for Moss, it’s just the opposite. Let him not like the quarterback or feel that his number isn’t being called enough, or of late, that he was fined and now he’s not taking questions from the press… He won’t play. He sits on the sidelines with the quality-quilted towel gently tossed over his head and looks out into nothingness.

I hope Moss finds a place where he can spend his last years … A place where he can, hopefully, display sportsmanlike conduct and maturity. Otherwise, his legacy as a Hall of Famer will always resound, “When he wanted to play he was one of the best at his position…”

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Favre Forced My Barometer…

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I must say, I was actually shocked to hear about Minnesota Vikings’ veteran quarterback, Brett Favre, being in the media fire for inappropriate behavior.

A realist in nature, I believe everyone falls from grace or has the propensity to, but I guess the question in my mind is to what level. Favre has allegedly (only in America do you always have to add this word) sent inappropriate messages and pictures to a former Jets hostess (I believe that’s her title. It’s so vague.). And since this initial accusation, two other women (who remain anonymous) have come out to say similar things happened to them.

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For me, those Levi commercials and his speckled beard just don’t ring out another-professional-athlete-superstar-misusing-his-power (ding ding) to me. A saint, no, but this?… And that’s my point… I mean, okay, have a bar fight or even drag racing, but sending racy pictures a.k.a “sexting” is disgusting. Favre isn’t exactly L.L. Cool J. I guess I need to up the barometer for realist-ism.

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Makes No Dog-On Sense…

Monday, September 27th, 2010

I’m feeling some type of way, y’all, about what I’ve been seeing on major networks… and some commercials in general. Man, my thing is, just let sleeping dogs lie (Uh, maybe poor choice of idioms, but my intention held no malice. LOL!)…

So, if you’ve watched a single segment of any sports’ program recently, you know that Michael Vick is now apparently the second coming. As the latest crowned quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles, Vick has perfected his game—accelerating his passing game and perfecting his running prowess—is being mentioned with the great veteran quarterbacks. I love it! I’m glad he’s back and because he spent a good deal of time off the field, he’s fresher than the average 30-year-old quarterback who may have had an uninterrupted career.

Surely, if you’ve lived on this planet for any amount of time you’ll know that Vick was part of this horrific group who funded and operated dog fighting rings (hence the poor usage above) and obviously supervised while animals were injured and killed. He served his time, along with attending various help classes, and he also donated to several charities. Now, you fast forward to today and Vick has all the analysts’ tongues wagging (OMG! Another one… I’m telling you, I guess you just don’t know how much you use dogisms to make a point.) and team officials wishing they’d chosen him. So, now that he’s the man on top, there are some haters out there who want to bring his past back to the nations’ attention by displaying just how horrible the superstar NFL player really is. Really?

Why? He served his time. I’m sure he’s learned a great deal and now he’s trying to get on with his life… Shouldn’t everyone else, too? There are so many examples I could pose here for conversation sake, but I’m sure you all can go through your mental rolodex to note a handfull, too. With not minimizing his actions, I want to add that the man didn’t kill another person. And, as a pet lover I was disgusted by this entire story, but at the same time I’m not trying to be his judge and jury each time his face or stats go across the screen in a positive manner… Why can’t people create commercials and such that relay the message that he’s a real life example of how you can make bad decisions, deal with the consequences, and still make it? Man, sometimes I just wonder what planet I’m really on.

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You Can Have It If You Want It…

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

What 18-year-old do you know who… if given the opportunity to better his family’s situation… while having someone totally handle any potential heat… and all the while doing what he or she loves… would turn down the chance to do so (I’ll wait…)? You don’t know any either, right? So, please tell me why one really fast bus is leaving skid marks on one superstar NFL football player?

In general, I’m not a fan of being thrown under the bus, but this one is for the record books, literally… Or, at least, was for the record books. Reggie Bush, 2005 Heisman Trophy winner from University of Southern California (USC), is now a superstar player with the New Orleans Saints… He also had to return that trophy this week. Some argue that he should be able to keep the trophy, based solely on his performance on the field… That the allegations surrounding his situation, then, were off-the-field issues.

I think I’m gonna agree with that side of the fence. How many years removed are we from this presentation of the trophy, and please enlighten me on how this removal is taking away from any stat he accumulates or charity work he does today? It’s a shame and honestly, too much to get into in this post, but the punishment (I feel) doesn’t necessarily fit the “crime”.

I think people sometime forget how they’d like to be treated if they found themselves in certain situations. And, just like honest people looted in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina to provide for their family, I’m not sure I’ll ever meet an 18-year-old who would be willing to see their family’s struggle remain if they could do something to change it for the better.

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Just Call Me Your Daddy… (Maybe)

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Man… it is still Rodney King who said it best… Okay, so you all know I’m not the biggest LeBron James‘ fan, but after reading an article about a man suing LeBron (and his mom), I’m sorta hoping he comes out on top on this one (Uh, well, if it’s not true).

D.C. lawyer, Leicester Bryce Stovell (funny and similar letters, huh?), is suing LeBron and his mom, Gloria, basically because he says he’s LeBron’s father and they’re saying he’s not. That’s it in a nutshell. Stovell is saying he met Gloria in a Washington bar and restaurant (Uh rah, she was like 15 or 16 at the time, but let’s go along with it.), hooked up with her, and didn’t see her again… Obviously, creating LeBron. Stovell appears to be a bit salty because he’s being denied paternity (Paternity? Crack up! Isn’t LeBron like 62? Doesn’t this happen when the child is like 3 months?).

LeBron’s attorneys are like, really dude, you didn’t want anything to do with this kid (apparently) and now he has one of the biggest contracts in NBA history and it is simultaneously lining up with you wanting to be in your alleged kid’s life? Wow… (NOTE: This was me paraphrasing the attorneys’ words… Not sure if “dude” was actually in the court notes.).

Integrity and dignity are the only two things I’m bringing up… I hope these traits prevail.

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Yes, Youth is Wasted on the Young…

Monday, July 26th, 2010

[Aug. 29th AMENDED BLURB… University of Texas coach, Mack Brown, said Sergio Kindle’s recent fall down two flights of stairs might have been the result of narcolepsy.]

He fell down the stairs? Ummm… okay.

So, Sergio Kindle… the “not-signed-yet-with-the-Ravens” lineman out of University of Texas is in stable condition with a head injury. Guess how? Well, the Ravens gave a report (apparently from Kindle’s dad) that he was celebrating being drafted before he was due to training camp and, well, fell down two flights of stairs (Are your eyes all squinty, too, wondering “what?”?). Like, could he not regain his balance after the first flight?

Ravens’ first pick in the 2010 draft has a head injury and it’s a sad situation because I’m thinking how do you know he’ll be the same? And, uh rah, what time are we talking before he’ll be able to practice with the team? And most importantly, how bad will his second head injury be once his mother is done with him?

I think you can tell that I’m drained by it all, but you know, I just want these guys to think. Your life was about to be what its never been, but now, now there is every real possibility that it will be even worse than ever. Think, fellas, think…

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You’ll Find No Blood Here

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

Dwyane Wade, now one of the “Big 3″ for the Miami Heat, made a faux pas the other day…

He was attempting to make the analogy that the media was making and would continue to make “this” into more than what it needed to be. “This” would be the Heat’s mega acquisition of a couple of the NBA’s most sought after free agents, Chris Bosh and LeBron James, to add to superstar and free agent, Wade. The thing is, Wade’s comparison might have been a bit much… he compared this hot topic to that of the unending media coverage of the catastrophe of the World Trade Center. Yes, (close your mouth) the deadliest attack in American history Wade compared the Heat’s new face to.

Now, I get it… I actually heard the sound bite and it wasn’t that bad. I casually shrugged my shoulders and thought to myself that using this time in history might be a bit much, but I felt no malice associated with it. He felt the enormity of the situation and wanted to give what, he thought, would be a justifiable and clear comparison. He quickly sent out an apology, before (well… during) the swarm of analysts and media alike could jump at the chance to catch blood in the water (Love the animal/insect references…).

We’ve all done it… That insert-foot-into-mouth feeling. I just think people should look at the intent of the thing. You could tell his demeanor was nothing associated with conflict or evil dealings. Yes, it was bad wording and timing… and yes, basketball isn’t that serious. But, my focus is to always look at that heart of the matter. His heart was in the right place. Give the man a pass!…

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I am a Resident in a Hilarious World…

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

So, I’m finally at the point where I can wrap my head around everything and actually comment… Last week was just too much and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing…

First, I have to say that, again, the hype around someone who hasn’t won a thangggg is mind boggling to me… But I digress. The Cavaliers majority owner, Dan Gilbert, took me over with his ignorant and emotionally stated comment regarding LeBron James’ relocation decision. Now, I’m maintaining a more positive and upbeat stance on this versus going the other route, but I can see the points stated regarding misplaced loyalty, racism, and the like. I guess my biggest question is, who cares? I mean, really. Now, my mother (69 years young I add) is a popular culture guru, which is weird in and of itself, and when she kept updating me on the latest LeBron happening I just thought, why me?

After experiencing from the comfort of my couch, a wonderful championship run by the L.A. Lakers, I am involuntarily dragged through the mud of the LeBron train and I’m drained, truly. I’m happy for him… Well, more indifferent, but we’ll call that “happy” instead. Maybe he’ll finally win the big game with the Miami Heat and then, finally, I would be more agreeable to the world stopping for a champion.

And to sum it up, surely CNN, Good Morning America, and primetime television shows (to name a few) can find something else to talk about and someone more deserving to interview… Wait, how ’bout that Harlem NY guy, Geoffrey Canada,  who is changing the world (literally) one block at a time. This world is hilarious…

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