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A Father’s Day Gift

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

For the father who loves all sports, enjoy the line up this weekend.

For the husband who wears his favorite baseball cap, the remote will remain where you can see it.

For the son who schedules life around the finals, happiness is there because (at least) you plan.

For the brother who won’t take that jersey off, the load to go into the wash will wait until Monday.

For the nephew who wants that golf bag, a gift card will reach your mail box just in time.

For the cousin who dreams of being drafted, dreams do come true.

For the neighbor who drops by “for sugar”, but really just loves the big screen, there is a seat waiting.

For the friend who tells the score, you’ll have a listening audience.

Happy Father’s Day… Let the sports-weekend-good-times roll!

What’s your Father’s Day gift to all (or maybe just one!!) the fathers in your life?… Uh, and fathers, what is your hearts’ desire for your special day?

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Just Be It!

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

I’m sure you know someone (Who knows, maybe it’s you!) who just isn’t quite being themselves. You can’t put your finger on it (or maybe you can), but you wonder what it would take to help this person realize his or her true potential.

This thought came to me as we (me, Hubby, and Mom… love you Mom!!) watched the Belmont Stakes horse race on Saturday… more specifically, after the astonishing loss of Triple Crown hopeful Big Brown. Everyone had an opinion about why the stallion, seemingly, just wasn’t himself. His racing style was unusual. The way he responded to the jockey was unusual. And, his last place finishing was absolutely unusual.

Photo by Jim Wood. (CC)

In all this, I felt a sort of burden for the horse as he was expected to live up to this huge name and grandeur that was placed all around him. He, of course, was none the wiser and just probably figured it was another day out on the dirt, but others were stunned because of this overall expectation.

Very simply put, it is important to be who you are no matter what. It can be a daunting task at times especially in work or school (even relationship) dynamics, but how much satisfaction would you get in realizing at the end of the day that you were being true to who you are?

There is so much unending pressure to be so many things, but the truth of the matter is that it takes so much work to be something or someone that you’re not. Try to be the very best that you can be and although there will be continued expectation around you (that’s just the nature of things), the hype isn’t worth losing out on being the very special you.

Have there been times when you felt that being you just wasn’t good enough?… If so, let me know when and what happened next.

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Remembering Safety featuring Driving Racecar Rhapsody

Saturday, May 17th, 2008

A track. Four powerful legs. Four revved-up wheels. Much opposition. Cheering crowds. One winner.

How difficult is it trying to be the best… trying to live up to the status quo, if not in your own mind (Eight Belles, the filly racehorse that met her demise at the Kentucky Derby, tried her best, didn’t she?)? How much pressure is there in the winner’s circle and can that encircling gratitude be fleeting? There is so much time and effort, passion, and drive put into it. You want to win. You have to win. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

And they’re off (Go, Racecar Rhapsody, go!)! Red, Yellow, Green. Boundaries. Rules. Strategies. Expectation. Tradition. Momentum. Go!

Everything that could go through your mind does (Don’t you hate that?). Remember to stay focus. Remember what all this is for. Don’t let the crowd spook you… do what you’ve been trained to do. Remember the speed and the captive audience. Remember the brand and the captive audience. Whatever you do, bring back a win.

Laps. Passing (Just one more whip, I promise). Space to make a move. Pit stops (We don’t need that last caution.). Hugging the corners. Stretching ‘em out. Checkered Flag.

You can expect that there’s going to be adrenaline-(Only adrenaline will allow someone to sit in such a tight race car with all leather on! Hilarious!)-and appropriately so. The competition calls for it. The competition needs it. Before you know it, the moment has passed and you look up… Did you win? You remembered that whatever you did you needed to bring back a win.

Waiting in the moment, you remembered-remembered that whatever you did, above all else, you remembered to be safe.

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