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Painful All Around…

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Pain is a funny thing, isn’t it? No matter the form, it hurts, right? Think about it…

So, Tiger [Woods] is experiencing a new pain. He actually didn’t finish an 18-hole qualifying game because of this nagging neck pain. Apparently, this is a freak injury that occurs in the game of golf and is one that can be both career- and life-ending. Still composed, as always, Tiger explained his need to compete and not only that, but to do well in general. He also refuted the notion that this injury had anything to do with the head and neck injury he suffered during his November 2009 accident/incident in his car and with his wife.

Hmmmm… Pain is a funny thing, isn’t it? And it, indeed, comes in many forms. But, no matter the form, it still hurts (I promise you…). As I watched the interview with Tiger, I wondered what he was really thinking. Especially when the press asked him if the two were related. I wondered about the pain he has suffered over these past months… the mental anguish, the public embarrassment, and the private turmoil. The same is true for his wife, I’m sure. I don’t know… although he was discussing his physical pain, I couldn’t help but see and wonder about the other pain that is plaguing him.

Pain hurts, huh?

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Ini Mini Miny Mo

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

So, who’s apology was better… Kobe’s or Tiger’s?

Believability is big for anyone, and for me, I’m no different. I believed Kobe. He had the support of his wife (whether genuine or not) and he even had some tears. Whereas Tiger appeared a bit mechanical and rather distracted. For me, it was like he’d practiced using that camera and I just wasn’t feeling him… Wait, and did you see how “too through” his mother was with him (LOL!)? Her body language was priceless.

Overall, the subject is sad in that it is so common and so I’m glad they both chose to apologize. I would like for those who come out to apology to maybe come out without a script… You know, free style a bit. I’m all for notes, an outline, or a bulleted list, but having the entire speech written gives more of a politician look. And, well, uh, I’m thinking the idea is to stay away from being compared to a politician.

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You Tell Me…

Monday, December 14th, 2009

Aside: I’m not at all a fan of Tiger Woods. I acknowledge what he’s done for a game and how he’s broaden a community’s view, but personally, not a fan… That’s my opinion, right?

Point: Should the way people feel about a professional athlete or their actions off the field (court, ice, whatever) determine his or her on-the-field results or status?

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What to Do When It Comes

Monday, August 24th, 2009

There is adversity in the world. We all know it. Sometimes we greet it into our lives and other times it comes when we least expect it. Out of all the things you can count on, adversity showing up is definitely one of them.

When you think of adversity, what does it look like to you?… I mean, that can be a literal or figurative question. For me (on a very personal note), adversity looks like the divisive stance that seems to pop up within my family. Not between my husband and I, but the extended family (parents and brothers, etc.). There is always something that happens in the family that makes me want to pull the covers over my head and just start again tomorrow. But I digress…

I thought of Tiger [Woods] and couldn’t help but think of his recent adversarial experience. Obviously, with having a champion’s hunger, he expects to win each time he steps onto the greens. Well, someone else had other plans. During the PGA Championship, Y.E. Yang stunned the world (and Tiger!) by defeating Tiger and leaving him without a major title for the year. As the first Asian-born player to gain a major title, Yang walked away the champion of a game in which Tiger had every intention to win.

You know that sucked for Tiger, right? Yeah, I know, he’s won before so give someone else a chance… but imagine losing in something you thought you had in the bag AND in an event that never evaded you in this fashion. Tiger gave Yang his props and kept it moving. That’s the key (Put it in action this week!)… Adversity will come, but keep it moving!


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My Very Own Caddy…

Friday, August 14th, 2009

You didn’t know that about me, did you? But yep, I have my very own caddy… There are a whirlwind of recent stories that I intend to comment on, but I thought I’d be a little light going into the weekend.

I was watching Sports Center earlier this week and a story came up about Tiger Woods and his caddy, Steve Williams. Moreover, it was a story of the relationship that evolves between two people on the path toward the same goal. From the story, I gained a new respect of a caddy’s role and the increased bond that stands in the gap. It also made me think of my own caddy, my mom…

It sounds all mushy and all, but man, “Mama D” (which Hubby affectionately named her years ago and now everyone calls her) has been that point of trust for many years… And I guess (well, I know), before the times when I could appreciate her efforts and sacrifice. She has, in a grand way, been the catalyst that has seen me through so much. Mama D has always advised me (and still does) with my best interest in mind and even when I fall to my less than better judgement, she remains calm and firm and loving, all at the same time.

And now, in my adult years she’s still definitely right there to the side, whispering to me the right move to make from her vantage point. And although it’s completely up to me to ultimately choose the proper route, it’s good to know there’s a voice right over my shoulder that has my best interest at heart. So, when I watch Williams behind Tiger, or just to the side, I will make that mental note of just how Mom is always there.

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He’s baaaack!

Saturday, February 21st, 2009

Okay, I don’t know about you, but I am a Tiger fan…

Hands down, he’s the best thing since Arnold Palmer. It was shocking to learn that with Tiger off the green, television viewership went down 60 percent (Can you believe that?)… Not even Jordan pulled those numbers when he left the game (or retired those couple of times… please, I love Jordan!). I can say I was part of that 60 percent. I just couldn’t bear to watch a game without the competitive chase, the stacked galleries, and the wonderfully predictable red shirt.

Anyway, the point of all of this is to add to the cheer that Tiger is returning back to the game. Yep! Next week. I’ll be front and center…

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Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

I just have to get right to it… Golfer, J.P. Hayes, disqualified himself during a PGA qualifying tournament in Texas (Yes!… you have to read this!).

Hayes was playing for a full-time spot on the PGA Tour and discovered that on two shots he had mistakenly (unknowingly I might add) used a ball that wasn’t approved for competition by the USGA (You, too? I didn’t know you had to have a certain type of ball… learn something new, huh?). He says he believes anyone in this sport (golf, of course) would have done the same thing.

The consequence: Because of this disqualification, Hayes is ineligible to play full time on the Tour in 2009.

Uh, just one question (Maybe not just one because I am pleasantly surprised and totally taken aback [both] at the same time!)… In what other sport would this had happened? I can think of so many examples where trying not to get caught by referees is part of the game, so??…

Note to self… Do not eat that one grape at the market when, you know, you’re checking to see if the grapes are sweet or not. Hilarious!


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High-Paid Help!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

Now, would you ask your teacher to write your paper for you or ask your parents (back in the day, of course) to do your chores?… (Some of you would, wouldn’t you?… Okay, I’m back). Well, it was a major surprise (more like a slight chuckle) when I saw Tiger Woods, golf’s elite, on the greens as a caddie…

You read it right… Woods was honoring the Buick’s “Tee it Up with Tiger” sweepstakes and yes, he was the prize… caddied for the winner while he played the back nine. Now that’s an assistant, huh?

Okay, I appreciate the whole servitude theme. I’m all for doing stuff for people (Sometimes. LOL!) and when you give of yourself and time people really appreciate you. What I am most stoked (Did I say “stoked”? That is totally my girlfriend’s word and not mine.) about is that he, the best in the game, was there giving advice and tips to this guy!!…

I would have to say Kobe Bryant would be my caddie (I first thought of Michael Jordan, but they’re both similar in their aptitude for the game)… My Boo, A.K.A. Hubby, needed time to think before he shared who his caddie was (I still didn’t get a name. LOL!). Who’s the “caddie” of your fave sport?

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Love and Golf

Friday, July 18th, 2008

Okay, this story is totally out of the “professional athlete” norm for WTAC, but darling enough to dedicate a post to.

Nutshell… this small boy, Kyle, is a golf prodigy and (to him) he has the best caddy in the whole world-his dad. Crazy twist… Kyle is currently (and hopefully forever) a survivor of cancer and his dad is due to leave for his first of two tours to Iraq.

I saw this story while taking in my daily dose of ESPN (I’m telling you, you have to check this station out!) and I was just taken by this little person who had already endured so much and found (in his own little way) solace in this simple (yet complex) game. Kyle, at age 5, completely understands the danger that awaits his dad and yet his tiny smile shows such gratitude of the “now” time that he has with his dad.

What a fighter and victor… he’s beaten cancer, he’s resolved on his father’s return from Iraq, and (of course) he’s beaten guys three times his age on the green.

By the way… (cutest thing!) Kyle intends to keep playing while his fave caddy is away and in the meantime his mom will be the acting caddy (Yeah, Kyle isn’t too thrilled with his caddy mom, but will take his chances!). Moms can do it all… right Moms??

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You Didn’t Tell Me All That!…

Friday, June 20th, 2008

So, Hubby and I were actually talking about Tiger Woods and his crazy performance this past Monday… (wait, go back…). It’s presumed that he went out to the course and played on a broken leg (crazy, huh?) and so the sports analysts this week have gone back and forth about the depth of his passion.

Back to Hubby and I… we were discussing this and I was wondering just how smart it was for Tiger to attempt such a feat with the possibility of causing more damage. Hubby understood my point, but added that this show of courage and passion just added to the mystique of Tiger Woods.

Do you think his wife knew the extent of his injury?… Possibly. Or, he may of just passed the injury off as something small and she totally believed that to be true.

Has there ever been a time when your significant other didn’t explain the entire situation and you ended up saying, “You didn’t tell me all that!… ‘cause if you had, I would have said…”?

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