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Down Goes Frazier…

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

o…Down goes Frazier… Down goes…

It’s amazing… I never thought that would be a literal statement. There are just those who you think will never die and, for me, Smokin’ Joe Frazier was one of them. Cancer, his life snatcher, doesn’t discriminate and definitely doesn’t have a respect of person.

We all know him to be one of the greatest, one of the most prolific, and one of the most feared heavy-weight boxers ever… And these things are all true. This champion was also a trailblazer. In reading information around his passing, I was glad to see sentiments like Floyd “Money” Mayweather offering to pay funeral expenses. To me, it resounded as an act of respect for someone who paved the way so Mayweather could be who he is today.

He was 67 and lived a rare and extraordinary life… Here’s to greatness and paving the way.

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Really, Sir?…

Monday, June 13th, 2011

Why am I writing about LeBron James again? One way or the other I find myself being drained by the news surrounded around him, but this takes the proverbial cake (lemon, if I have my choice).:

“Absolutely not, because at the end of the day, all the people that were rooting on me to fail, at the end of the day, they have to wake up tomorrow and have the same life that they had before they woke up today,” James said. “They have the same personal problems they had today. I’m going to continue to live the way I want to live and continue to do the things that I want to do with me and my family and be happy with that.”

Professional Sports

Now, I know this quote has resounded around the world as millions witnessed (that was funny) the Dallas Mavericks river dance on the throats of the Miami Heat for the 2011 NBA Championship, but there are so many things to address here. I like to parallel the sport stories to that of every day life and I feel the range of human emotion and reaction involved around this Dallas win does just that (The numbered bullets were successful last time, so let’s try that again.).:

  1. I hope with this statement that those who were stupefied by a ridiculous comparison between Michael Jordan and James will now come to their collective senses as even the Majestic Jordan never stooped so low as to rub people’s socio-economic situation in their faces… Oh and yes, after the 7th season, doesn’t have a ring.
    1. Let’s chat about this a little bit… Even if he was just talking to or about his haters or the media, the whole world heard this crass statement and may have taken it personally. The thing is, there are marginal people out there who just jumped the fence to now being a LeBron hater because of his snobbish comments (Thanks, I’m a billionaire and you’re not. Thanks for that.).
  2. He [James] drains me… period… And his hairline has a remarkable resemblance to Paul Pierce’s hairline (Random? Yes, but true.).
  3. I actually feel like he or some family member must have been threatened or something because he was not King James during the entire series… He was extremely inconsistent, lazy, disengaged, and all around just average.
  4. There is no secret that Kobe Bryant is my fave. And one thing I love about him, which is very Jordanesque`, is that every game he shows up to play. He puts it all on the table, night in and night out. Why is it that James displayed such cry-baby-like tendencies, was a sore loser, and could ever think of being just average when the game required greatness?
    1. Dwyane Wade, during this entire stretch, displayed crazy maturity and poise. I think I have to give Marquette (his college) the credit for that. I think the training there prepared him for such moments. This is something James never experienced. Even being the high-school champion, it cannot groom you in the art of manhood and sportsmanship. I believe it’s something James will need to learn in order to be a champion in the League.
  5. Savannah Brinson, James’ fiancee`, is being accused of having an affair with Washington Wizards’ Rashard Lewis and this turn of events is also apparently the reason for James sub-par play on the court.
    1. Okay, first off, I thought you had to be married in order to have an affair. Having a lot of children by someone doesn’t count.
    2. The fact that she has a lot of children by him counts… (cha-ching!).
    3. I want to know why Brinson and James’ mother like these NBA stars so much… There are other professional sports, you know?
  6. Why was Chris Bosh crying so hard?
  7. And my new fave quote, “The ring is the thing… and everything else is just statistics.”

Did I leave anything out??

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Thought Meanderings…

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

My sports sporadics don’t necessarily line up with the latest headlines… I don’t seem to flow that way. These are just my thoughts surrounded around some countries within the world of sports, recent or not.

1. LeBron James is not better than Michael Jordan. And until he wins something, which is the point of this game called professional basketball, the NBA, he will never be as good. He will simply be another awesome player who never won a ring… Like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said, “the ring is the thing… and everything else is just statistics” (In context, he actually said this in reference to #2 [with Bill Russell having 11 championship rings], but it fits quite nicely here, too.).

2. Why is Scottie Pippen trippin’ (I’d usually ask why a person is on crack, but that can be considered defamation of character here.)? Did his PR person tell him he needed to do something to bring attention to himself? Who is he anyway to even open his mouth, ever? I can’t even think of a parallel to make this make sense [Did I mention Kareem Abdul-Jabbar said the ring is the thing? And Scottie can think Jordan for this honor.].

3. Mike Brown? Really? The end…

4. Why do colleges pick and choose integrity? Jim Tressel tenders his resignation to Ohio State? But, there has been recent press around the fact that “maybe” these college athletes should get some type of stipend above room, board, tuition, and such (People are so dramatic. Drained.)…

5. FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association [a.k.a. soccer]) can now join the other elite professional sports with [opened to the public] scandals, lies, betrayal, bribery, isolation, embarrassment, and denial. Good times…

6. After the first NBA Finals game, Dirk Nowitzki is who we thought he was…

7. I went to Dallas this past weekend. Is there any other sport/team there outside of football?… There was no shortage of Cowboys memorabilia, symbols, or random stars that weren’t isolated to the Lone Star State. It was a crack up… It definitely shows who brings in the money (Or, who has the most money at least).

8. Roger Federer is a man god…

9. Did you know Kim Kardastian’s fiance`, Kris Humphries, plays for the New Jersey Nets?… I didn’t either (Yes I did. It was just funnier to say I didn’t. Love is grand!).

10. “The ring is the thing… and everything else is just statistics,” is my new single-sentence argument.

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What Can I Say?…

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Call it ESP, 50/50 chance, purple being my childhood fave color, or L.A. being one of my best vacation spots… I knew they would do it, again… I said it at the beginning of the NBA season and didn’t waver. When you believe something and can’t shake it, go with it. Just go with it!

Congratulations, Lakers, on your win over the Boston Celtics for the 2010 NBA Championship!

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Getcha Head Back In the Game

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

It’s Play-off time for the NBA and the best of the best are shining! Teams are donning their fresh jerseys and they’re all out for blood, uh, or at least a chance to hoist the championship trophy over their heads (The blood thing was a bit too dramatic for me…).

One thing that’s both obvious and unusual is that a few of the superstar players for these teams aren’t playing, for one reason or another, or they’re on the floor, but just not showing up. The rest of these guys’ teammates are still playing and trying to take their team to the next level.

I wonder how the superstars, who are in these situations, feel. I mean, seriously. You know these guys have passion and heart for the game and the ego side of them must be saying, “this is my team”. Whatever the case, I’m sure there are an array of feelings going on. These scenarios got me to thinking of ‘real-life’ stuff…

Not real-life stuff like if I take a 2-week vacation from work the company won’t survive, because almost always a company will find a way to easily go on without you. No, I’m referring to real-life stuff like how a friend tells you he just doesn’t see himself in his marriage for too much longer or how your girlfriend is thinking of terminating her pregnancy. I think of the other side… You know, the grass-is-greener side and I imagine how that side will go on and if it can go on. Of course, there are real-life matters that aren’t earth shattering, but I know you can feel me on this. Just like the superstar feels like he is bigger than the team or is hurt by their success without him, surely real-life stuff forces you to look at your own reality to see how much you’re making an impact, if any. I hope for the sake of the championship, and the real-life stuff, that folks can get their heads back in the game and realize what’s at stake.

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Witnessing What?

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

Okay, so for those who didn’t instantly get the title let me give you some background information… LeBron James is the NBA’s 2009 MVP and deemed by some as the next, next (the first “next” was Kobe Bryant, of course) coming of Michael Jordan. James has a slogan attached to him that “we all are witnesses”…

Now, to the story… James and his team, the Cleveland Caviliers, were just sent home by the Orlando Magic. End of story…

I’m not, by any means, a “hater” of LeBron (A.K.A. “LeGone”… I didn’t make it up.), I just cannot get with crowning him Jordan’s “next next” when he hasn’t even won a ring yet. We all know there has been several spectacular players who never experienced a championship… And at that point, the next level of honor would then be the Hall of Fame, but players would all tell you they’d still love to have a ring.

I’m just saying… I’m only witnessing James going home, again (I had to…). And, as great as some may be, within the context of the game, James hasn’t arrived… And, if you’re comparing someone to Jordan (Uh, let’s say like Kobe, who has three rings…), I’d think you wouldn’t want to insult Jordan’s legacy and the number of championships achieved (six to be exact)… I’d like to witness that first before becoming a true witness. I’m just saying…

Disclaimer: (You have to say it really fast in order for it to come out as it should. LOL!) LeBron is an outstanding talent who has no doubt excited the NBA culture; and has not in any way appeared in any light except for extreme gratitude to the comparison of the likeness of Michael Jordan.

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Steelers, Who?

Monday, January 26th, 2009

Hubby came in and told me the funniest thing he heard on sports radio on his drive home. Apparently, the host asked if listeners, as Ravens’ fans, would now root for the Pittsburgh Steelers to win the Super Bowl since they are in the same division as the Ravens (You know, some type of division unity?)… From the deluge of appalled-by-the-question fans was a comment that made Hubby and I scream (literally).

“I root for two teams: The Ravens and who ever’s playing the Steelers”!


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Fighting Like a Tiger

Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

Tigers are considered to be the undisputed ruler of its domain (This is so going to be relevant later!). When hunger arises, they are extraordinary killers and their prey are left helpless to their undeniable prowess (Wait for it… Wait for it.). And, no matter the situation, they can almost always be found victorious.

These same characteristics are appropriately aligned with PGA’s very own Tiger Woods (See the name symbolism?… Work it. Own it. Love it.). Victor of the 2008 U.S. Open Championship at Torrey Pines, Woods defeated his opponent in a sudden death playoff after being tied at the end of the game.

Tiger Woods at 2008 US Open

Photo by Jim Epler. (CC)

Here’s the kicker!… he was hurt. Yep!

Woods had recently had surgery on his left knee, leaving him in an amazing amount of pain. Admitting that he pushed himself quite a bit, Woods (grimacing and limping all the way) found courage and pressed by his pain to achieve greatness, yet again… Definitely his most remarkable.

Where’s your symbolic Tiger? We all have one (I’ve had to pull it out a few times [smile])… and you know what? It’s okay! A little inner strength never hurts.

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