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Do You Really Wanna Discuss This?…

Friday, April 16th, 2010

Okay, apparently I have to follow up on my previous post because one of my valued bloggers, who shall remain nameless (just read the previous post’s entries… LOL!), is just way too passionate about a topic that troubles me. Well, I guess the topic doesn’t quite trouble me, but I’m seeing a lack of reality that I just can’t ignore.

Why, please tell me why, are we bantering back and forth about celebrity athletes and their off-the-field (court, rink… you get the picture) antics? Moreover, why is there the question of why these famous athletes are garnering more attention than, let’s say, the average Joe. In the time of the Internet, alone, I’m not sure how the question can be viable at all… period (BTW, please note that I’m not the least bit angry or annoyed. I’m just giving the people what they want!).

You can quote Charles Barkley all day that superstar athletes aren’t role models, but guess what? It happens by default. Is it right? Maybe not. Is it fair? Not necessarily. But, is it reality? Yep… Ding, ding, ding (Give the lady a prize!). Now, you might ask, aren’t we the people the culprits behind this being the said reality? Quite possibly. But, it’s just like fluxuating gas prices or department store prices. Unless consumers change their habits and make a notable change, everything will stay the same and the powers that be will shove whatever they can down our collective throats.

Yes, if I smoke pot and my job’s standard operating procedures clearly opposes it and deems it fire-worthy then I should, indeed, be fired. The same is true for these diva athletes. However, will my firing appear on all the major networks and on every social networking outlet around?… Uh, probably not (Wait! I had a moment of stardom. Heehee!). So, what’s the comparison? Life isn’t fair, man. We learned that in pre-K, when we had to share cubbies with the stinky kid just because our last name started with the same letter. It’s life. And if you’re not one of the few who actually claims the world’s attention on a weekly basis, don’t let that be your measuring stick for success. Neither should you allow it to be the reason why you don’t maintain a sense of integrity… It may not be on the world scale, but some body’s watching you.

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While I Was Waiting…

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

Okay, of course there’s sadness with ending such a beautiful trip, but I was glad to finally be home (I’ll cherish the memories of you and I, Aruba!). Okay… I’m back! So, remember my recent post of seeing familiar faces while you’re in the airport? Well, on our travels back (lay over in Atlanta’s airport) we spotted Steve Spurrier.

Who is Spurrier you might ask? Well, he is currently the football coach for The University of South Carolina. And, before then, he had a short (and very profitable) stint with the NFL’s Washington Redskins. It was interesting seeing him because like always, when we spot these familiar faces, he’s just like everybody else.

My mother in law made the good point that she may see folks in her travels and wouldn’t know them anyway (True. True.). It’s okay… it’s a process. Her point solidifies my already true desire to assist in bridging that crazy gap within relationships through relating athletes and their stories.

Keep your eyes opened!

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While You’re Waiting…

Wednesday, July 9th, 2008

We finally made it to Aruba (Yeah, yeah… Viva Aruba. I’m still dreaming of ole El San Juan!). The beaches are beautiful and the ocean is a gorgeous bluish green that is completely breath taking. I must say, though, that getting here was an adventure in and of itself. You know, you see so many people in the airport-while you’re waiting-going their own way and every now and then you see a familiar face or two (No, no not of your significant other returning from grabbing coffee for you.). That familiar face is that famous one that you recognize from television…

Have you ever been in an airport and spotted a famous face (Yes, before you ask, sports famous.)? Were you able to say anything to the person or maybe get an autograph?

On our honeymoon to Belize we spotted Bobby Knight (actually on the same flight)… the former Indiana Hosiers men’s basketball coach known for his eccentric antics on the court. I was excited when I saw him and once I found out he was actually going to Belize, too (we waited at the same gate during our lay over), I asked Hubby to go get an autograph… (uh, yeah, after we thought about it, we thought better of it!!). Needless to say, not wanting to bother him on his vacation (Wink! Wink! You’d have to see him on the court! LOL!), we headed to Belize without the autograph.

Who have you spotted while you were waiting?…

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They’re Just Like Me?

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

Imagine you’re a professional athlete (Yes, you!) and you have everything you could ever imagine at your disposal… money, notoriety, cars (often phrased as endeared toys), and anything else your little heart desires. Now, with all of this fame and success you stumble across a rough patch in your life that you aren’t exactly expecting neither is it in your control (You know it happens all the time.).

In fact, it happens to the best of us. An uncontrollable situation is, indeed, the great equalizer between us all (the professional athlete and the everyday Joe… or wherever you fall in between).

Considering this (as yourself or as A.K.A. a professional athlete), how would you go about handling that uncontrollable situation? And, if you have experienced that seemingly out of control situation, how did you come through it?

It’s sharing time…

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Major Attention

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

Every parent’s wish is for their child to come into this world with 10 fingers and 10 toes. It’s a desire that, above all else, health prevails. And, the mysterious observation about parenthood-despite anything that comes up-is the unending capacity to hope. They hope in the face of disappointment, adversity, and seemingly hopeless situations… These parents are no different.

Ernie Els, a former World No. 1 and member of the PGA tour, (with confidence and courage) recently revealed that his 5-year-old son, Ben, has autism. After dealing with the diagnoses for some time privately (understandingly so), Els and his wife, Lielz, disclosed that they were now comfortable with sharing (couldn’t imagine the level of difficulty). During the PGA tour earlier this year, Els donned an Autism Speaks logo on his golf bag (Go Ernie!). Obviously showing the logo on purpose, Els desires to use his celebrity to raise money and bring awareness to the disorder.

Admitting that it isn’t easy, Els settles into the fact that there has been a change of life and priorities for his family. But, the Els find that they are quite capable of dealing with this as part of their lives and would just like to help others who are less fortunate in the same situation.

The U.S. Open is fast approaching… look for Els (and maybe Little Ben) as he courageously fights this battle with and for his son.

Could you imagine revealing some of your most private struggles to the world?… How would you answer the world’s, then, unending desire to know more?

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