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I’m VeRonda and Wait ‘tila Commercial is my way of helping people identify with sports through relationship, and ultimately bridge that somewhat awkward gap that can sometimes creep up when sports become an issue within relationships. Growing up with four older brothers quickly limited the television options and from their ’round-the-year love for the game (whichever game), I developed and maintained my own passion for sports.

Becoming statistical gurus isn’t my goal for readers, but rather to have them understand the player behind the jersey and equipment. Relating to an athlete’s out-of-bounds’ situation often time leads one to remember that person. So, then, while sitting there on the couch watching that football team in blue and white, with the big star at center field, you’ll remember the story you read here and will be more inclined to watch how that Dallas Cowboys’ player does on the field.

Two of my favorite things are sports and writing, so I thought, ‘Why not combine the two?’ It’s about love and sports…

The Inspiration

I was inspired to create a home for readers to come and be enlightened while watching Super Bowl XLI (41). I had people over for this mammoth of all sporting events and I couldn’t help but notice the lack of interest the women in the room shared, while we (the guys and I) sat around watching the Indianapolis Colts versus the Chicago Bears. I knew right then I had something to offer.

My journalistic muse is Daryn Kagan. She remained my favorite anchor on CNN and later she chose to adjust her focus, and career, on the good in the world… My sincere desire is to have men and women agree on, discuss, and maybe even get a little closer through the passion and emotions that sports bring.