Ramble me this…: Do you care to see “storming the court” removed from college basketball?

I was doing some Saturday house cleaning and had to stop in mid-wipe down. Apparently, this dangerous and for-no-good-reason occurrence has happened for the last 10 years or so and it has NOW become a serious topic on the table [Sidenote: I’m not breaking away from our continued discussion on men versus women and love and sports (yada yada). Just had an impromptu writing itch. The end.]… Famed Coach K (Krzyzewski)—known as one of the winningest coaches in NCAA history and beloved U.S. Olympics Men’s basketball coach—spoke… and well, when he speaks folks tend to listen. While he isn’t asking for the extinction of the random tradition, he’s asking that provisions are made to get the losing team off the court before the storming begins. Makes sense, right?

I guess if my son was on the losing team I might care… or if I were one of those aged guards assisting in roping the court off then I may have a tiny bone to pick. But, seeing that neither of those things are the case, I’m not sure I have a stance either way. It’s just all over ESPN and its hilarious to me that this is such a story… all of a sudden.

Back to your regularly scheduled program…

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