Michael Jordan [If you don’t know—which would be hard for me to imagine—he’s the greatest NBA player of all time.] is 50 this year and his competitive nature has not subsided.

I was actually relaxing, reading through some sports’ articles, and came across one about Jordan. What tickled me completely was how he was now being granted the leeway—because of age—to be, let’s say, crabby [That’s a nice word, huh?]. The implication, which isn’t new news by any means, is how difficult Jordan was [and apparently still is] as a team mate and businessman.  He admits that his ego is so big that he expects certain things… I feel ya MJ, so do I, honey (LOL!)! Along with his own expectations, he expressed expectations of today’s current players.

Jordan says today’s players aren’t tough and that they wouldn’t be able to hang with his era. He describes players as soft, coddled, and ill-prepared for the highest level of the game. As someone who watched Jordan during his era, along with the likes of Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman, and the entire Detroit Pistons team (LOL)… I, too, am a believer that today’s players would be out of luck.

The soft player thing could be a post of its own, but my point here was to give MJ love for being the standard, the template, by which every player should strive to model their on-the-court attributes after.

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