It’s a freeing feeling when you can be unashamed, right?… Just embracing what life brings and being unapologetic for living the way you choose. And I like when I stumble upon people choosing to live that same way.

…I don’t know how I could’ve created the proper segway for a greasy navel (literally), but I tried my best. Anyway, Karl Malone (my fave Utah Jazz turned L.A. Laker mailman) went on record revealing what has to be one of the weirdest and nastiest revelations about Charles Barkley… that he kept Vaseline in his navel whenever he was on the court (Yep… Did you look out both corners of your eyes like I did?). I had the similar thought of most… Could someone on the bench not hold a jar or tube for you, brother? Apparently, Charles wanted to be self-reliant and you have to love that.

There is nothing worse than a black man w/crusty lips. -Charles Barkley

So if you go to a nude beach, own it! If you have a tattoo on the small of your back of O.J. Simpson, go with it! And if you’ve received beads from Mardi Gras the good ole-fashioned way, love it!

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