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Remote?… Check. Snacks?… Check. Drinks?… Check. Wife…

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

So, I’m talking to my sister-in-law a couple days ago… (Wait, just so you know, she’s sports’ allergic.) …and we were discussing how she approaches sports, a.k.a. spends time with my brother. It was both difficult and intriguing for me as I listened to her talk about her sports’ reality. It was as if someone was actually speaking German to me (For clarity, no, I don’t know German.) and the translation dictionary was no where to be found.

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There were so many things she shared during our talk, but one main thing I walked away with was that feelings, for her, was the driving force. She loves my brother, so that makes her want to learn and ask questions (albeit at the most inopportune times) just so she can share space with him. As a general sports’ fan (…some call me a dude with hair and I’m cool with that), I was just sitting there listening and wondering how in the world could I relate and add something substantive to the conversation. I found myself being the neutral ear, and moreover, interpreting what I felt would be my brother’s point of view.

I explained how they, indeed, had a commonality… That for him, it was about feelings, too. But, the general thought of “feelings” (in this case) is broken down into passion, excitement, competition, and an array of intensity (sometimes described as testosterone-filled explosions to avoid doing real work) that translates into why he doesn’t want you talking when the game is tied, in the 4th quarter, with 27 seconds left on the clock (Hence, Wait ‘Tila Commercial ladies. It’s a noun and a command. LOL!). She understood my time-sensitive analogy after I offered balance by asking her how she would feel if my brother deleted her DVR’d HGTV Holiday special… especially after she talked about this show with such anticipation for weeks. I tell you honey, the veil was lifted. But… that was just the first 10 minutes into my dinosauric, yet revealing, sports’ dialogue.

It’s true that there are relationships out there where it’s Monday Night Football or March Madness and we’re all on the same page, but (there’s always a but) there are more where Monday Night Football means pizza and laundry and March Madness is getting ready for the in-laws’ visit. Let’s bridge that a bit… So we can have football, pizza, (laundry during commercials) and the in-laws are optional (I’m just saying.). My plan for the next few posts is to lay out what I peeled back as to the reasons behind the colossal black hole that makes up those who share a love for one another… and, the other love that seems to be year round. Oh yeah, and some sports’ stuff, too.

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What’s Worse Than a Fuzzy Navel?

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

It’s a freeing feeling when you can be unashamed, right?… Just embracing what life brings and being unapologetic for living the way you choose. And I like when I stumble upon people choosing to live that same way.

…I don’t know how I could’ve created the proper segway for a greasy navel (literally), but I tried my best. Anyway, Karl Malone (my fave Utah Jazz turned L.A. Laker mailman) went on record revealing what has to be one of the weirdest and nastiest revelations about Charles Barkley… that he kept Vaseline in his navel whenever he was on the court (Yep… Did you look out both corners of your eyes like I did?). I had the similar thought of most… Could someone on the bench not hold a jar or tube for you, brother? Apparently, Charles wanted to be self-reliant and you have to love that.

There is nothing worse than a black man w/crusty lips. -Charles Barkley

So if you go to a nude beach, own it! If you have a tattoo on the small of your back of O.J. Simpson, go with it! And if you’ve received beads from Mardi Gras the good ole-fashioned way, love it!

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Singing… If I Could Be Like Mike…

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

Michael Jordan [If you don’t know—which would be hard for me to imagine—he’s the greatest NBA player of all time.] is 50 this year and his competitive nature has not subsided.

I was actually relaxing, reading through some sports’ articles, and came across one about Jordan. What tickled me completely was how he was now being granted the leeway—because of age—to be, let’s say, crabby [That’s a nice word, huh?]. The implication, which isn’t new news by any means, is how difficult Jordan was [and apparently still is] as a team mate and businessman.  He admits that his ego is so big that he expects certain things… I feel ya MJ, so do I, honey (LOL!)! Along with his own expectations, he expressed expectations of today’s current players.

Jordan says today’s players aren’t tough and that they wouldn’t be able to hang with his era. He describes players as soft, coddled, and ill-prepared for the highest level of the game. As someone who watched Jordan during his era, along with the likes of Charles Barkley, Charles Oakley, Dennis Rodman, and the entire Detroit Pistons team (LOL)… I, too, am a believer that today’s players would be out of luck.

The soft player thing could be a post of its own, but my point here was to give MJ love for being the standard, the template, by which every player should strive to model their on-the-court attributes after.

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