I love Herm Edwards!… Now that I’ve gotten that out, I can continue. For those who don’t know, Edwards was an eccentric coach in the NFL and currently maintains this same eccentrics as an analyst/guest host for ESPN. But I digress…

While driving this morning, I heard Coach Edwards on ESPN radio talking about the San Francisco 49ers’ former quarterback, Alex Smith, who was abruptly benched for [then] back-up quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, after Smith sustained a concussion. Edwards had high praise for Smith as he maintained a positive demeanor–continuing to be a supportive and enthusiastic team mate–despite everything. But, what I like about Coach’s comments is this one phrase that just stuck out for me… he continued to autograph his performance. Coach Edwards depicted how Smith’s actions spoke volumes and how coaches all over the League would remember how he performed.

For me, that phrasing is something to take into everything life. Life throws so many darts and missiles and stones… and thrown in with all of that is a little sunshine and laughter and peace. While I’m dodging missiles, it’s useful to remember it may not be about the current role or situation, but whatever the case, to still remain in a mental place where I continue to autograph my performance for what’s to come.

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