Watch your mouth!…

If you’re older than, let’s say 10, I’m sure you’ve said something you wished you could take back… You know, like a cartoon, you can literally see your words being retracted back into your mouth? Whether it gave the wrong impression, was completely inappropriate, hurt someone, or ended up taking on a life of it’s own, the likelihood of finding yourself (or your mouth in all actuality) in this situation is a very real one… but, hopefully not a frequent one.

Just imagine having a world platform and saying something that has now resounded through decades of interpretation, judgment, opinions, and believe it or not popular culture. The beginning of July celebrates (if that’s what we’re doing) the 30th anniversary of John’s McEnroe’s “You Cannot Be Serious” outburst during his 1981 Wimbledon title match (Obviously, this is a crack up for me because I’ve inadvertently adopted this saying with a shortened twist in ‘Seriously?’.).

Whatever your opinion, McEnroe goes down in history as one of the famed (and infamous) professional athletes of all time… And a soundbite mouth that takes a close second to his very own infamy.

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