Yeah, I’m feeling a combination of shock and wonder… I can’t help but be in shock about the literal break down, before my eyes, of one of the longest running and most prolific dynasties in American professional sports history. No matter how you feel (those of you shall remain nameless), you cannot deny the superb outfitting of fundamentals along with the essentially talented group of semi ever-changing men that made up the L.A. Lakers.

I don’t think it’s saying too much to feel and discuss the deep and ominous hole that surrounds the subject of the Lakers and where they are to go from “here”… For me, “here” is this itchy, head-turning-of-the-dog feeling of what happened? What happened to the cool and smooth sailing they always played with, never becoming bothered by the pre-season win-lose columns (inferring that it would all work out in the wash of the post season)? This gigantic question bumps right up against one of the last questions for their season, of inquiring what exactly happened to the grace and maturity with which the Lakers always possessed… They were the studious ones that other teams immolated (or tried to at least). The Dallas Mavericks’ win over the Lakers (a 4-0 broom stroking in the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs) was one for the record books, but one also that the Lakers should be quite ashamed of (for the varied violence that ensued, not the loss).

With Phil Jackson retiring and the roster in flux, what can I count on (Crack up!… My mind just went to, like, five things that were off the subject)? After reading a few articles on this subject, there was a slight tone in the air that Phil wasn’t the biggest fan of this latest group of guys he was coaching. That speaks volumes from a coach who has seen the likes of perfection in Michael Jordan and the skill and cunning in Dennis Rodman.

I can’t lie, I’m a Lakers fan. And while I know Kobe’s rein as the centerpiece for the team may be (may be!) coming to an end, I’d still like to see them rebuild and quiet as kept, for Kobe to win another one… More importantly though (Uh, maybe just as much rather), I’d like to see the continuity of seamless play and the chaotic calm they once had reborn once more.

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