The NFL Draft is going on and all I can think about is rejection…

So many dreams hang in the balance and yet rejection is still so much a part of that reality. It’s something, in life in general, to prepare and be the best at your skill (or one of a very limited number), and still not necessarily be a shoe-in. Being #1 is relative, right?… For instance, Cam Newton is the #1 overall pick (going to the Charlotte Panthers) and still, there are so many components to determining greatness. He experienced media and rumor-mill rejection. But today, today celebrates him as the best of the best.

It’s hilarious how one can experience the heights and depths of perceived greatness. I’m all about celebrating hard work, tenaciousness, gifting, and discipline. My heart just bleeds for those who will feel the indelible sting of rejection. It’s something that can only be explained after it is experienced.

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