It’s a crack up to me ’cause every time I attempt to bring a story from another sports arena, some NBA star grabs my attention. And for me, its a must tell…

We all remember Allen Iverson, right?… Well, probably not, but he was a prolific point/shooting guard for the Philadelphia 76ers for many years, giving up his body night in and night out (Uh, ask your significant other to translate that for you.). He then went all Rambo after he was past his prime and asked to come off the bench, which lead him to now being a star (once again) for the Turkish Basketball League. Iverson isn’t primarily known for his charity work, which he’s done a great deal of, or for giving back and re-building black (African-American… for the PC side of you) communities, which he’s also contributed to for many years. Rather, he dons the stamp of celebrity approval for being a bad boy, say-what’s-on-his-mind type of fellow… It appears that hasn’t changed.

Born to a single, 15-year-old, Iverson has known some hardships, but I’m not one for excusing ridiculousness because of childhood woes. I believe we’ve all, relative to our situations, have experienced one hardship or another. Anywho… Iverson’s Lamborghini was pulled over by an Atlanta officer who noticed the vehicle changing lanes without signaling (Yes, a bit extra, I know, but stay with the story.), and after some time this once NBA All Star became irate because he couldn’t leave his vehicle (He was the passenger.) to eat (Wow!).

Okay, let’s forget the expired tags (Don’t even ask…) since 2009 and the 20 minutes, apparently, that Iverson needed to explain who he was to the officer… Let’s focus on the fact the he said to another human being (1) “Do you know who I am” and (2) “Take the car. I have 10 more.” And I like this one best, him telling the officer (3) “I make more money than you will in 10 years.” What, in the name of all that’s holy (I just got that weird mother-wouldn’t-like-that-phrasing feeling.)?… Who does that? This once MVP deemed it necessary to berate an officer for doing his job? Of course, later, he apologized (Whatever.). He’s lost so many cool points. How do you explain to your kid or younger sibling that this is inappropriate behavior when the world says, verbally and in action, that it’s okay… You get a pass since you entertain us. Even as a realist, a small piece of me (a little circle on my ankle) believe people have to be better than this.

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