Generally, I think teachers are different today than when I was in school. I feel a good number of them don’t seem invested as they’re beating their students out of the door when the bell rings. I’m sure some of you remember the days when teachers stayed hours after their regular school day to tutor or just to talk some sense into a student… Not to mention the home visits. Well, uh rah, I think this teacher might get a pass…

When your elementary school teacher was twisting your classmate’s ear, pulling him to his seat for his latest bout of misbehaving, I’m certain you weren’t wondering if your teacher had a right hook… (Yes, Mike Tyson style).

Sonya Lamonakis, a 36-year-old Harlem [New York] elementary school teacher, is also a professional boxer. Despite her classifying this “gig” as a hobby (Crack up!), Lamonakis is a top-five-rated female heavyweight who is being groomed for a title shot (I know, I know… a collective Lil’ John “What“!).

Turning down fights if there’s a PTA conflict or school-day event, Lamonakis makes her priority clear:

In February, when [Promoter Lou] DiBella had a show televised on Broadway Boxing at BB Kings [in New York City], he asked me to be on the card. I couldn’t, because I had made a promise to the kids. I was actually going to take them to a show. I already made these plans like three months ago. So I told him I had a commitment to the kids, to my students, and I just couldn’t disappoint them.

While she loves the sport and really knows her stuff, I love that she loves the children. I mean, as someone who loves young people and is committed to their tomorrows, I am impressed by Lamonakis’ dedication and her overall compassion for her students.

I know teachers can’t throw down (a.k.a. beat down) with children the way they did back in the day, but uh, kids may want to think twice before talking back to tight-bun-glasses-on-edge-of-nose-flat-shoe-wearing Ms. Brown.

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