I am so accustomed to the Kardashians being, well, the Kardashians… That I was taken off guard when, middle sister of the Kardashians older trio set, Khloe shared with the world the very personal reality of infertility with her NBA husband, L.A. Lakers forward, Lamar Odom.

While Odom doesn’t make gossip news often and many times will have the more grounded and rational soundbites, Khloe and the rest of the clan often times are the contrary, having every word and action play out on one reality show or another. I must say I was a bit sadden by the announcement, but also hopeful that, as I like to think and often say, things happen as they should (Really! It’s one of my -isms.). And she appears to be taking the same stance. She’s a career woman, sister, wife, daughter, and friend, and the pressure of all those relationships can be burdensome for anyone, celebrities included. That’s why such a topic, although a common one, has to be hard to play out in front of the cameras… Night after night he’s a crucial player on a star-studded, veteran team and she’s living out her life, the envy of many (Well, if you choose this particular sister…).

The bigger picture, at least externally, is that they’re young and seemingly healthy… they’re wealthy, which offers them potentially more options, and they appear to be in love (and actually fairly normal, which is a rarity in their circles, I’m sure)… All ingredients for optimistic tomorrows.

Something like this helps everyone, I think, remember that we all have “stuff” to contend with, relative to our own lives and that jumping to the first conclusion about someone isn’t often the best course of action… You just never know. It pays to go deeper and get to know someone before you automatically go negative (I’m just sayin’)… A lot of those lessons grandma taught you back in the day render themselves true in adult life. Here’s to a fertile future… in whatever bountifulness that’s meaningful to you.

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