So… former NBA star with the Chicago Bulls, Jalen Rose, was arrested recently on drunk driving charges.

When I heard this story earlier this week, I was shocked. As a pretty good analyst on ESPN (not sure if he still has his job), Rose just didn’t give off the impression that he would make such an idiotic decision. I guess that statement should be qualified since, for most sports analysts (or people in general), you really don’t necessarily get any impression other than what one wants portrayed, personality wise, on air (Of course, there are a few [who shall remain nameless] I wonder if they take a swig or two before going live.).

Once I got beyond the shock, I actually became a little itchy with the entire thing in that a little over a week ago, my mother was involved in an automobile accident with a drunk driver hitting her. Thankfully, outside of a totaled vehicle, a few burns (from the deplored airbag), bumps, and bruises, my mom will be okay. But, the thought still crosses my mind that it could have been so much different and therein lies the source of my itchness…

For me, the driver who hit my mom could’ve been “x” person (Rose, Spoonge Bob, Gaddafi) for all I cared. The point was that you made a decision, which is truly yours to make… and that’s drinking (and even getting tore down if you choose). But, then you made a second decision that took away the choice for someone else. That’s a problem for me. So, while you all know I’m one for redemption and grace being applied equally,  I totally don’t get the  general arrogance and complete irrelevance for human life. I’m hoping–simply–that Rose chooses better next time.

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