I know, I know… It’s been a minute. Haven’t you heard its about quality and not quantity (LOL… I am performing a Jedi mind trick on you… You’re getting sleepy… Okay, that’s enough.)? I honestly have to be inspired to write, and one such story has done just that.

The Baltimore Ravens veteran safety, Ed Reed, is impromptu to say the least. As someone who has been given carte blanche by the coaching staff to play off his intuition versus the standard route running expectation, Reed has proven to be mature in his judgement. Currently in the playoffs, I’m sure the Ravens weren’t expecting Reed to play as total turmoil was very much present within the Reed family.

Apparently, his brother Brian Reed, after he was spotted in a stolen vehicle is believed to have jumped into the Mississippi River as he ran from police in Louisiana. This was a few days ago and subsequently, even after finding Brian’s shoes and jacket, authorities have called off the search for the missing Reed.

How could Ed Reed’s mind have been in the game, let alone him playing as dominantly as he did? And with his ridiculous hit on Dexter McCluster, he was very much present in the Ravens’ 30-7 AFC wild card win over the Kansas City Chiefs. Before Reed boarded a private jet to be with his family, he was given the game ball as one of many gestures the team exemplified showing their support. Now while everyone would have understood his absence, Reed showed young players and his other team mates alike the importance of being committed to your craft and to live up to the maturity badge he’s obviously earned.

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