Any time a professional player says some variation of “I’ll do what I want”… I think you can expect trouble.

I’m definitely an afar-off-admirer of Minnesota Vikings’ wide receiver Randy Moss (His locale could be changing any time while reading this post.), but his behavior is suspect. I guess more specifically, he is just a primadonna with tremendous skill and I’m not sure why it’s still tolerated within the National Football League, or professional sports for that matter.

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What does it say to aspiring athletes or young people as a whole?… As long as I have skill I can act however I choose?? It is a poor example of sportsmanship and it shows a great lack of character. I have watched Moss back when he was with the Raiders and his antics were the same… I don’t get my way, I don’t play. I often get into friendly disputes over the Randy versus T.O. battle and my message is the same. Yes, both are talented and some say Randy is the better player, but T.O., within the lines, is the professional you’ve paid him to be. Forget age, or that balls have been dropped, or even his off-the-field frolicking… On the field, he takes the hard hits, he’s not afraid of the middle, and he doesn’t give up on plays. Now for Moss, it’s just the opposite. Let him not like the quarterback or feel that his number isn’t being called enough, or of late, that he was fined and now he’s not taking questions from the press… He won’t play. He sits on the sidelines with the quality-quilted towel gently tossed over his head and looks out into nothingness.

I hope Moss finds a place where he can spend his last years … A place where he can, hopefully, display sportsmanlike conduct and maturity. Otherwise, his legacy as a Hall of Famer will always resound, “When he wanted to play he was one of the best at his position…”

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