There is something happening in the universe and I have yet to put my finger on it. I looked up at the open sky and the sun and moon were rotating, as they should. I am still convinced that there’s a phenomenon taking place. I know I cannot be the only one witnessing the downward spiral of the Indianapolis Colts and more specifically, their future Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Peyton Manning.

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If there is someone I have to explain this significance to, okay, here it is: Manning is considered to be among the top 2 (maybe 4 if you’re considering Vick and Rivers) quarterbacks in the League and he has held this reign for some time now. Unlike many teams and quarterbacks, for that matter, a deficit to Manning was nothing as he scored viciously in 4th-quarter come backs and flawlessly executed 2-minute drills. Along with donning NFL’s highest jewel (the ring), he also comes from thorough pedigree stock… So, you have the cliff notes of his pro career… Which adds the bigger question mark to the end of what is going on?

It makes me sit back and wonder if he was always this tremendous pocket passer or if it was all the doing of his supporting cast. Manning was part of an outstanding dynasty of names and grandeur that reclaiming that roster (the talent at least) would be near to impossible. Well, that’s where he seems to live these days… impossible that they’ve loss another game; impossible that the receiver just isn’t Jerry Rice; impossible that all his weapons (I mean all) live outside the lines now with injuries. Manning blames himself for the Colts’ losses and that’s an honorable move as it acknowledges his athletic mortality and the awareness that without his supporting cast, his top rankings are bottoms up.

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