My question is… Do you believe players are still afraid [intimidated, fearful] of Baltimore Ravens’ veteran defensive player, Ray Lewis?

I started off with this question because it’s been piercing my mind for a few days now. I respect the man. A veteran of 15 years in the NFL—and still being effective—is nothing to sneeze at. But I do wonder just what is in the mind space of the opponent standing across from Ray.

He’s held every defensive title possible and has garnered the respect of the League. He’s a father figure, professional role model, a brother to a lot of these players, someone who has faced trouble and rebounded, and he’s never been void of passion. I do remember a time, though, when different variations of the word “intimidate” laced his name as dominating adjectives when talking about the man on the field. I am by no means calling Ray a has been or over the hill, his smacks on opponents this season alone renders that argument moot. I am asking, still, is there a fear present in the opponents’ eyes?

I asked a few football fans and they said no… That maybe rookies did, but for the most part, no. I feel like I’m leaning toward yes… I say this because you just never know with Ray, and for me, one should fear that. When you least expect to be laying on your back, that’s when you are. I do know there’s a resounding respect for him, if anything else… But, yep, this one is a yes for me.

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