I must say, I was actually shocked to hear about Minnesota Vikings’ veteran quarterback, Brett Favre, being in the media fire for inappropriate behavior.

A realist in nature, I believe everyone falls from grace or has the propensity to, but I guess the question in my mind is to what level. Favre has allegedly (only in America do you always have to add this word) sent inappropriate messages and pictures to a former Jets hostess (I believe that’s her title. It’s so vague.). And since this initial accusation, two other women (who remain anonymous) have come out to say similar things happened to them.

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For me, those Levi commercials and his speckled beard just don’t ring out another-professional-athlete-superstar-misusing-his-power (ding ding) to me. A saint, no, but this?… And that’s my point… I mean, okay, have a bar fight or even drag racing, but sending racy pictures a.k.a “sexting” is disgusting. Favre isn’t exactly L.L. Cool J. I guess I need to up the barometer for realist-ism.

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