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Favre Forced My Barometer…

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

I must say, I was actually shocked to hear about Minnesota Vikings’ veteran quarterback, Brett Favre, being in the media fire for inappropriate behavior.

A realist in nature, I believe everyone falls from grace or has the propensity to, but I guess the question in my mind is to what level. Favre has allegedly (only in America do you always have to add this word) sent inappropriate messages and pictures to a former Jets hostess (I believe that’s her title. It’s so vague.). And since this initial accusation, two other women (who remain anonymous) have come out to say similar things happened to them.

professional sports

For me, those Levi commercials and his speckled beard just don’t ring out another-professional-athlete-superstar-misusing-his-power (ding ding) to me. A saint, no, but this?… And that’s my point… I mean, okay, have a bar fight or even drag racing, but sending racy pictures a.k.a “sexting” is disgusting. Favre isn’t exactly L.L. Cool J. I guess I need to up the barometer for realist-ism.

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It’s All In The Eyes…

Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

My question is… Do you believe players are still afraid [intimidated, fearful] of Baltimore Ravens’ veteran defensive player, Ray Lewis?

I started off with this question because it’s been piercing my mind for a few days now. I respect the man. A veteran of 15 years in the NFL—and still being effective—is nothing to sneeze at. But I do wonder just what is in the mind space of the opponent standing across from Ray.

He’s held every defensive title possible and has garnered the respect of the League. He’s a father figure, professional role model, a brother to a lot of these players, someone who has faced trouble and rebounded, and he’s never been void of passion. I do remember a time, though, when different variations of the word “intimidate” laced his name as dominating adjectives when talking about the man on the field. I am by no means calling Ray a has been or over the hill, his smacks on opponents this season alone renders that argument moot. I am asking, still, is there a fear present in the opponents’ eyes?

I asked a few football fans and they said no… That maybe rookies did, but for the most part, no. I feel like I’m leaning toward yes… I say this because you just never know with Ray, and for me, one should fear that. When you least expect to be laying on your back, that’s when you are. I do know there’s a resounding respect for him, if anything else… But, yep, this one is a yes for me.

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