So, I was sitting on the couch with a friend (a guy; valuable for later) and Hubby just shooting the breeze, nothing special. Hubby went upstairs and then came back down with an excited, “expectant” look on his face.

He says, “Honey, guess who was traded to the Ravens?”, and we all starred at each other. I was totally unsure of the answer, secretly hoping that T.O. had been miraculously traded from the Cincinnati Bengals. I guess I was just taken aback by his overall expectation that I’d just know… period. After the stare was obviously getting us no where and Hubby wasn’t answering our question of what the position was being filled, I yelled out (sorta squinting my eyes in doubt) “Houshmandzadeh” (yes, I checked the spelling)!

Ding, ding, ding… I was right! Who knew? I couldn’t believe it. Why was “Houshmandzadeh” even in my vocabulary (Crack up!)? And, Hubby was completely overjoyed as I’m sure he felt the glee of hoisting the my-wife-knows-sports trophy over his head. For me, it was more of a process of elite-player elimination… In which T.J. fit the bill with being part of the shocking ones (at least for me) who were let go from their respective roster.

I mean, I love sports (It’s obvious.) and with this time of year coming up (Uh football, not fall… Ugh!), I could just run naked outside with the deer and chickens (well almost…). And although it was pure sports’ knowledge for me, it was much more for him. Significant others, I’m telling you, it’s worth the hoisting of the trophy… Especially when you’re the only lady in the room (major shopping points… Hey, I’m still a woman, too!).

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