What 18-year-old do you know who… if given the opportunity to better his family’s situation… while having someone totally handle any potential heat… and all the while doing what he or she loves… would turn down the chance to do so (I’ll wait…)? You don’t know any either, right? So, please tell me why one really fast bus is leaving skid marks on one superstar NFL football player?

In general, I’m not a fan of being thrown under the bus, but this one is for the record books, literally… Or, at least, was for the record books. Reggie Bush, 2005 Heisman Trophy winner from University of Southern California (USC), is now a superstar player with the New Orleans Saints… He also had to return that trophy this week. Some argue that he should be able to keep the trophy, based solely on his performance on the field… That the allegations surrounding his situation, then, were off-the-field issues.

I think I’m gonna agree with that side of the fence. How many years removed are we from this presentation of the trophy, and please enlighten me on how this removal is taking away from any stat he accumulates or charity work he does today? It’s a shame and honestly, too much to get into in this post, but the punishment (I feel) doesn’t necessarily fit the “crime”.

I think people sometime forget how they’d like to be treated if they found themselves in certain situations. And, just like honest people looted in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina to provide for their family, I’m not sure I’ll ever meet an 18-year-old who would be willing to see their family’s struggle remain if they could do something to change it for the better.

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