Ummm, I’m feeling that Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield feeling with this whole Shaquille O’Neal situation. Enough is, well, enough in my opinion. Seriously… Shaq, let your name retire in lights, in grandeur… in the true sense.

If you haven’t heard, O’Neal just signed a 2-year, $3-million deal with the Boston Celtics and my stomach almost literally jumped through my knees and onto the ground (Uh, no exaggeration here!). Why Shaq? You’re 38, a champion, an All-Star, and one of the most prolific big men in the game (Ever!) and you’re gonna add to¬†this tremendous¬†NBA legacy this jumping-jack experiment? It’s crushing (not quite crushing, but you know), and actually appears rather desperate.

I heard Michael Jordan the other day talking about the love of the game and how nothing ever truly quenches that thrill… He continued by saying in his mind he still believes he can hang-undoubtedly-with the youngsters, but that it’s his body that just can’t physically do it any more. I’m guessing this is a bit of Shaq’s reality, as everyone knows he’s a diminished shadow of himself. And can you imagine the massive ego he’s going to have to swallow when he finally says (which I hope is any moment now) “I’m done”?…

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