[Aug. 29th AMENDED BLURB… University of Texas coach, Mack Brown, said Sergio Kindle’s recent fall down two flights of stairs might have been the result of narcolepsy.]

He fell down the stairs? Ummm… okay.

So, Sergio Kindle… the “not-signed-yet-with-the-Ravens” lineman out of University of Texas is in stable condition with a head injury. Guess how? Well, the Ravens gave a report (apparently from Kindle’s dad) that he was celebrating being drafted before he was due to training camp and, well, fell down two flights of stairs (Are your eyes all squinty, too, wondering “what?”?). Like, could he not regain his balance after the first flight?

Ravens’ first pick in the 2010 draft has a head injury and it’s a sad situation because I’m thinking how do you know he’ll be the same? And, uh rah, what time are we talking before he’ll be able to practice with the team? And most importantly, how bad will his second head injury be once his mother is done with him?

I think you can tell that I’m drained by it all, but you know, I just want these guys to think. Your life was about to be what its never been, but now, now there is every real possibility that it will be even worse than ever. Think, fellas, think…

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