I’m sitting here watching the soccer (futbol) match between Slovokians versus the Italians and the commentators announced the sporting story of the non-stop tennis match.

If you haven’t heard, it’s this crazy game going on at Wimbledon. U.S. player, John Isner, and French opponent, Nicolas Mahut, are playing to the death, literally. At first (at least for me) it was like ‘wow’ these guys are both champions, but now… well, now, I’m just thinking its quite a bit.

I was watching PTI (Pardon the Interruption) yesterday, and Wilbon and I shared the same sentiments. The ups and downs of the game went from being amazing to boring to just enough. The game is in its third day and has become something of an epic battle… (That was someone else’s description, not mine. “Epic” is a bit much.). The match lasted 11 hours and 5 mins… Drained.

Oh, and wait, the American won! But everyone is so drained that the cheers are like sighs of relief. This is a crack up. I guess the pain, the bleeding toes, and delirium was worth it.

And wait (yet again)… Don’t ask me to stand in front of the score board to take pictures and I just got my socks rocked. People are hilarious. Back to soccer…

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