Why aren’t Americans into soccer (futbol) as other countries are? Even with a team, it still seems like it hasn’t quite caught on. You have strategy, skill, brute force, talent, and all those things that seem to make up all the sports that Americans seem to love so much. So why?

Tell me how far off I am, but I’m thinking it’s the syndrome that if I didn’t create it I don’t want it. I’m sure you can read between my very loose lines, but it seems to be true. Now, yes, there are those handful of sports that are watched, but why?… For this handful there is a resounding reason. For example, a young, sorta-African American (who shall remain nameless) walked onto the golf scene and changed the game (and ratings) for many Americans.

Maybe if America can bring it home from the 2010 FIFA World Cup event in South Africa (Now, now… everyone can dream.), then just maybe Americans will be more apt to welcome the sports in with open arms. Rodney King said it best y’all…

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