Yep, “I can chew” is right.

As random as this story is, it actually needs to be shared for others to glean some wisdom and–hopefully, common sense. So, New York Knicks big man (on-the-bench big man) Eddy Curry is chewing a big old gum wad in debt [Let me start off first by saying that although totally irrelevant to this story, his son’s mother was murdered in Jan. 2009, leaving his little man motherless and that is a troublesome reality for anyone.]… Now here’s the debt-to-debt (Crack up!) ratio layout:

Curry has made more than $57 million in his 9-year NBA career (Okay, now that’s money coming in.). He apparently defaulted on a $575,000 loan with an 85 percent interest rate (What the…), and has been ordered to pay back $1.2 million to Allstar (Funny ironic name) Capital Inc. Now we have been in debt before, right, and we’re expected to pay, right? Well, Curry doesn’t think he should because he owes:

  • More than $1,000 a month for cable and satellite television (Must haves… I understand),
  • $17,000 a month to various relatives including his parents, sister, and father-in-law (Family can juice you… I get that.),
  • $30,000 a month for “household expenses” (I don’t have this problem “yet”, but I can see maybe having it.),
  • $207,000 a month in garnished wages that haven’t been elaborated upon, but adds up to almost $2.5 million that he never sees over the course of a year (These are the breaks, man!), and
  • $350,000 to Juwan Howard (Okay. Whatever.).

What? And this isn’t adding the numerous cars and trouble with home foreclosures, oh and yes, the weird sexual harassment situation against him. It seems to me, Eddy, that you need to stay in bed for a couple days and just let things take its course (It works for me.). But seriously, where is the discipline and restraint? Where is thinking about tomorrow and the future… Or how ’bout this, my son’s future? The whole entitlement thing that ’cause I have bills I can’t pay another bill is draining to me. Officially drained.

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