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Much To Do About Change…

Monday, June 28th, 2010

The FIFA (What this stands for is below. Geesh!) peeps are thinking of taking away all instant replays and anything showing past plays within the game of soccer. Of course, this is much to the dismay of Americans, of which are seemingly in the few who want this latest and greatest in technology to remain.

The thing is, the umps are getting it wrong. Simple as that… The point of the game is to get goals and if the ump is disallowing them, when they’re so rare in the first place, it makes for a dull game. Some say that’s the point (not the dullness), that the game is subjective and that’s the beauty that should remain.

I’m all about replays… I think in this new age of being able to see everything when you want and need to, that not allowing this advancement would leave the game antiquated. I’m interested in hearing thoughts on this one ’cause it’s possibly a grand transition in sports (or not… LOL!). Overall though, I’m not the biggest fan of change. I like familiarity. I like knowing things will remain the same… I mean, especially when something isn’t broken, you know? That’s just me…

FIFA=International Federation of Association Football (French: Fédération Internationale de Football Association)… It was way too long to explain above…

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When Enough Is Totally… Well, Enough

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

I’m sitting here watching the soccer (futbol) match between Slovokians versus the Italians and the commentators announced the sporting story of the non-stop tennis match.

If you haven’t heard, it’s this crazy game going on at Wimbledon. U.S. player, John Isner, and French opponent, Nicolas Mahut, are playing to the death, literally. At first (at least for me) it was like ‘wow’ these guys are both champions, but now… well, now, I’m just thinking its quite a bit.

I was watching PTI (Pardon the Interruption) yesterday, and Wilbon and I shared the same sentiments. The ups and downs of the game went from being amazing to boring to just enough. The game is in its third day and has become something of an epic battle… (That was someone else’s description, not mine. “Epic” is a bit much.). The match lasted 11 hours and 5 mins… Drained.

Oh, and wait, the American won! But everyone is so drained that the cheers are like sighs of relief. This is a crack up. I guess the pain, the bleeding toes, and delirium was worth it.

And wait (yet again)… Don’t ask me to stand in front of the score board to take pictures and I just got my socks rocked. People are hilarious. Back to soccer…

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What Can I Say?…

Friday, June 18th, 2010

Call it ESP, 50/50 chance, purple being my childhood fave color, or L.A. being one of my best vacation spots… I knew they would do it, again… I said it at the beginning of the NBA season and didn’t waver. When you believe something and can’t shake it, go with it. Just go with it!

Congratulations, Lakers, on your win over the Boston Celtics for the 2010 NBA Championship!

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One Nation Under a Groove…

Monday, June 14th, 2010

Why aren’t Americans into soccer (futbol) as other countries are? Even with a team, it still seems like it hasn’t quite caught on. You have strategy, skill, brute force, talent, and all those things that seem to make up all the sports that Americans seem to love so much. So why?

Tell me how far off I am, but I’m thinking it’s the syndrome that if I didn’t create it I don’t want it. I’m sure you can read between my very loose lines, but it seems to be true. Now, yes, there are those handful of sports that are watched, but why?… For this handful there is a resounding reason. For example, a young, sorta-African American (who shall remain nameless) walked onto the golf scene and changed the game (and ratings) for many Americans.

Maybe if America can bring it home from the 2010 FIFA World Cup event in South Africa (Now, now… everyone can dream.), then just maybe Americans will be more apt to welcome the sports in with open arms. Rodney King said it best y’all…

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A Competition… Of Sorts

Friday, June 4th, 2010

Okay, yes the L.A. Lakers are up one game over the Boston Celtics, and yes both Serena Williams and Roger Federer are out of the French Open, and yep MLB’s commissioner, Bud Selig, didn’t overturn the umpire’s wack call destroying Detroit Tigers’ pitcher Armando’s quest for a perfect game, but that’s not all that’s going on in the world of competitive sports (as it where)…

So, with this grand introduction, I’d like for you all to keep the positive mojo going by casting your vote to help my cousin’s baby win 1st place in the HAPPY BABY CONTEST! Folayan, the cuteness in this photo, is #14 in the contest line up and if she wins she will receive a free photo shoot. Look, it’s for the kids, man! It’s for the kids…

I’m telling you, in all honesty, when I went to the site I had only the intention to vote and keep it moving. But… but… after my vote was cast and I saw the percentage (She was in the lead at the time.) I was beside myself and thought I was on some playing field (…the side line, that is…) routing my new generation cousin on. I tell ya, they say what’s inside will come out, right? Anyway, vote. Thanks in advance!

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Biting Off More Than, What?…

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Yep, “I can chew” is right.

As random as this story is, it actually needs to be shared for others to glean some wisdom and–hopefully, common sense. So, New York Knicks big man (on-the-bench big man) Eddy Curry is chewing a big old gum wad in debt [Let me start off first by saying that although totally irrelevant to this story, his son’s mother was murdered in Jan. 2009, leaving his little man motherless and that is a troublesome reality for anyone.]… Now here’s the debt-to-debt (Crack up!) ratio layout:

Curry has made more than $57 million in his 9-year NBA career (Okay, now that’s money coming in.). He apparently defaulted on a $575,000 loan with an 85 percent interest rate (What the…), and has been ordered to pay back $1.2 million to Allstar (Funny ironic name) Capital Inc. Now we have been in debt before, right, and we’re expected to pay, right? Well, Curry doesn’t think he should because he owes:

  • More than $1,000 a month for cable and satellite television (Must haves… I understand),
  • $17,000 a month to various relatives including his parents, sister, and father-in-law (Family can juice you… I get that.),
  • $30,000 a month for “household expenses” (I don’t have this problem “yet”, but I can see maybe having it.),
  • $207,000 a month in garnished wages that haven’t been elaborated upon, but adds up to almost $2.5 million that he never sees over the course of a year (These are the breaks, man!), and
  • $350,000 to Juwan Howard (Okay. Whatever.).

What? And this isn’t adding the numerous cars and trouble with home foreclosures, oh and yes, the weird sexual harassment situation against him. It seems to me, Eddy, that you need to stay in bed for a couple days and just let things take its course (It works for me.). But seriously, where is the discipline and restraint? Where is thinking about tomorrow and the future… Or how ’bout this, my son’s future? The whole entitlement thing that ’cause I have bills I can’t pay another bill is draining to me. Officially drained.

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