For those who don’t know, we are in the Playoff Semi-Finals for the NBA 2009-2010 season… and, I must say, the thrill of it all has been a bit lessened by the “King“‘s hype being silenced, with all of the prophesied whispers of the season coming down to Kobe and LeBron. Okay, so we are over that, right? The season has left us with the L.A. Lakers matched up with the Phoenix Suns and the crazy series between the Boston Celtics paired against the Orlando Magic… Every one’s on the same page now, right? Okay…

If I focus on the latter pairing, for me, the game is less of a competition because there is a resounding sound that Dwight Howard and his Magic  team have given off since Game 1 of the series (…best of 7 I might add). The play is quite reactive on the court and the demeanor is lethargic to say the least. Now, the series is 3-0 Celtics, but I truly believe it had more to do with the blood the Celtics smelled in the water than because they were/are the all around better team. And guess what, Howard’s tone–with even another game he could possibly help win–is already of defeat.

You know, we see this match up on the Discovery channel (Do you know how many “croc guys, who live in the wild,” shows have popped up of recent?)… And I’m back… We see the phenomenon in corporate America, on the play grounds and in Pre-K, and even in the grocery stores. It is the natural process of things, where by only the strongest will survive. So, what is your sound? Seriously?… What do you have floating in the waters beside you (stay focused!)? Are you allowing your “competitors” of sorts command your day and ultimately beat you out of the prize you know you’re more than well deserving of? My mom used to tell me before I left the house that I was a reflection of her… the family. At the time, I was like… Really, Ma! Give it up! But, even then, it gave me something to strive for. I knew I just couldn’t be an average Joe because it reflected poorly on the family. That “sound” my mother placed within me then stays with me up ’til this day. I give it all my best… or, I decline in associating my name to it. You probably won’t win them all (that’s life!), but your sound will remain when the battle is long done.

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