Someone contacted me (Yes, I got permission to spill the beans.) and asked for practical advice on how to cope in a situation that had them frustrated and, seemingly, beyond the point of mending. Surprisingly enough, this happens to all the time, but it’s the subject matter that varies. So, for this one, I’m calling on you guys for help…

What if your home was literally filled with sports and you couldn’t get away from it? That, in a tight nutshell is what I’m bringing to you. This guy (yes, guy) is in a relationship where there is now no more room for him in it because sports has literally spilled out into every part of his household. When his love interest comes through the door, there is no more “What are we going to do today?” or “I thought this would be nice to do together.”… Nope. It’s television, ESPN, chat rooms, telephone conversations, ordering paraphernalia, blogging, you name it… and then sleep. He says he doesn’t know what happened and honestly, he’s at the point of not caring any more. I sat there listening to the unfortunate details of the state of which this guy is finding himself, while also feeling honored (and burdened) that he thought to contact me as a last-ditch effort in getting his home and love of his life back… He actually said, “I wish it were another person rather than this… At least I could understand it.”

I told him I’d bring this situation to you guys to see what you all had to say and that it would also give me time to digest what he’d entrusted me with. You know, as I’ve said in several earlier posts, Wait Tila Commercial is about bridging that gap and making sports something that makes for a relationship stronger and I’m up for the challenge with this guy because everyone deserves to be happy. Life is too short for anything else… More details to come.

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