Pain is a funny thing, isn’t it? No matter the form, it hurts, right? Think about it…

So, Tiger [Woods] is experiencing a new pain. He actually didn’t finish an 18-hole qualifying game because of this nagging neck pain. Apparently, this is a freak injury that occurs in the game of golf and is one that can be both career- and life-ending. Still composed, as always, Tiger explained his need to compete and not only that, but to do well in general. He also refuted the notion that this injury had anything to do with the head and neck injury he suffered during his November 2009 accident/incident in his car and with his wife.

Hmmmm… Pain is a funny thing, isn’t it? And it, indeed, comes in many forms. But, no matter the form, it still hurts (I promise you…). As I watched the interview with Tiger, I wondered what he was really thinking. Especially when the press asked him if the two were related. I wondered about the pain he has suffered over these past months… the mental anguish, the public embarrassment, and the private turmoil. The same is true for his wife, I’m sure. I don’t know… although he was discussing his physical pain, I couldn’t help but see and wonder about the other pain that is plaguing him.

Pain hurts, huh?

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