In order to be up on this post, you have to read the previous one… It is important to note that there are real feelings in play here and so that’s my #1 consideration in my response.

You know, with originally hearing this guy’s tremendous story and then all the sound (and funny) commentary there after, all that stuck with me was balance. He is yearning for balance… His significant other needs to establish balance. Love and sports is a delicate thing, but when you add balance to that equation, it can be an outstanding thing. My advice, above anything else in this post, is to take on balance and don’t look back.

My life insight to you, my friend, is that the agitating factor in most cases is not the real elephant in the room. Often times, there is that onion effect where layers of stuff just build up and aren’t addressed. If you love this person… And I believe you do because you wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of reaching out to me, then take time to break down the layers and notice how the excuses and the lack of time will lessen and then fall off. Now, you never expressed if you were married, but the bottom line is you guys will either be together or you won’t. But, if you take the initiative to revive your relationship, it can never be said that you didn’t give your all.

Thanks for feeling like I could maybe help you out… Life isn’t always easy, but we definitely make it more complex than it was intended to be. Live free!

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