Okay, so Texas Rangers manager, Ron Washington, tested positive for cocaine (Sigh!). Now the point of all this is that he won’t be fired or put on probation or anything because he went to his management and told them what he’d done and what they could expect to come down the pike.


I was so shocked by this story that I didn’t really know how to write about it… you know, what stance to take. I mean, come on, we all know wrong is wrong, right (That sentence was funny!)? But, I’m not sure I follow what’s happening here. So, because the manager, of a professional baseball team no less, comes clean before his actions become public knowledge makes him removed from all disciplinary actions? What I think is funny (in a weird and itchy way) is that this guy is like 100 and I just want to know why is he using cocaine? Shouldn’t he be thinking about retirement or spending time with his grandchildren?

What happened to the higher level of accountability with the higher level of responsibility? Where are the values? Let’s not even go there with the impact on children… Now athletes are going to feel like all they have to do is come clean beforehand and everything will be roses. Baseball, for me, with all of its scenarios and untouchables and class system is draining to say the least.

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