So, who’s apology was better… Kobe’s or Tiger’s?

Believability is big for anyone, and for me, I’m no different. I believed Kobe. He had the support of his wife (whether genuine or not) and he even had some tears. Whereas Tiger appeared a bit mechanical and rather distracted. For me, it was like he’d practiced using that camera and I just wasn’t feeling him… Wait, and did you see how “too through” his mother was with him (LOL!)? Her body language was priceless.

Overall, the subject is sad in that it is so common and so I’m glad they both chose to apologize. I would like for those who come out to apology to maybe come out without a script… You know, free style a bit. I’m all for notes, an outline, or a bulleted list, but having the entire speech written gives more of a politician look. And, well, uh, I’m thinking the idea is to stay away from being compared to a politician.

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