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Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Okay, so some have voiced their glee over the L.A. Lakers being able to do their thing without they’re leader, Kobe Bryant, on the floor. The glee has actually turned into the notion that maybe the team is better off without his presence. I’m not of the same concept…

To the contrary, this 4-time NBA champion-having, MVP-totting, Olympian-possessing specimen of an athlete is the team. A well noted analyst said it best in saying that no one is going to tell Kobe he’s not going to play. He will tell them… and that goes for the owner down to the coach. I mean he’s out with some injuries, not awaiting arraignment for some gun charge. It’s not even a matter of that. It’s about theĀ  respect. There is such a lack of it.

I believe the team has been playing so well in Kobe’s absence because of their respect for him. They want to make him proud. They want him to know they can pick up the slack while he’s working on getting better.

Man… just because your mom or wife leaves for a week for a conference, does that mean you would rather do without her for good (Uh, choose your answers carefully. LOL!)?

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