So, you’d think athletes would watch when other athletes are in the news… and especially for negative things. But, apparently not as yet again, we have another story of an athlete making bad choices.

Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards brought like four, unloaded guns to the locker room and was actually playing with them. What? This guy is a crack up, but in a very bad way because he’s acting as if he’s totally clueless. Now, for the record, I’m not a fan of Arenas… I believe he doesn’t take his role on the team or his talent seriously and it’s a shame because so many would love to trade places with him.

Now, its a felony situation that he has now pleaded guilty for and he’s been indefinitely suspended from the NBA… By the way, even after the incident was in the news, this guy talks smack about the boss of the NBA, David Stern, saying that the guy was mean (among other things). Arenas will be sentenced on March 26th and why… because he brought guns to work, played around with them, didn’t take the situation seriously, and made insensitive gestures before a game depicting shooting actions. Why? That’s all I ask… Why?

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