It’s really a weird position to be in… you know, not really having a true stance either way.

I’m referring to the four that’s now two… the NFL Playoffs. All four teams had great stories, something worth noting, or something else worth cheering about. Let’s see, we had the Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, New York Jets, and the Indianapolis Colts. All great teams, right? So, it left little room for me to pull out the tantalizing story or the horrible offense created by some player… Now, that’s not to say there weren’t any, but you get where I’m going here. 

Now that there’s two: the Saints and Colts, I find myself in the same predicament. The Saints, with the forever after story of a lifetime and the Colts with their dominating play, what is a girl to do? It’s rare that the two best teams end up being the last two standing, so this is poetic justice. But, between the two I’d go for the Saints… Come on… A team who loved by the community and who has done so much to bring their community and people back to where they once was? It’s a no brainer.

And so I shrug a little less.

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