Were we watching the same game where the starters for the Colts were taken out of the game and replaced with what seemed to be the third and fourth strings? I think the shock that still stays with me is that even if you are up… you see that you’re not anymore (Look at the score!)… put the starters back in.

Okay, so for those who didn’t see the Indianapolis Colts and New York Jets football game let me just bring you up to speed. The Colts are really, really good and the Jets are not. The end. In fact, up until this game, the Colts were perfect for the season (14-0) and all of it went down the drain with this one decision… take the starters out.

Now, we can talk about the culture of the team and that this decision is one that they’ve made in previous seasons… or, that it’s important to preserve the athlete’s health and not take any chances at the end of the season. But, man… a perfect season? And there stood Payton Manning and his supporting cast all standing there on the sideline, with the crowd’s “boos” filling their helmets (…that they still were wearing, I’m sure in hopes of their numbers being called back up…).

I mean, obviously, I try to relate these things to my life to try to get answers and analyze what has happened, but nothing… I can get nothing. I just keep seeing myself running track and turning that corner to the final stretch and then hearing a whistle, followed by Coach telling me to come on out and do some stretches to get ready for the next race. You know, totally ignoring that I was a few feet from the finish line and moreover, winning… Wow!

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