So, I love T.O… Period.

Hubby and I have the best, drag-out arguments about my professed love. In fact, we just had one a couple days ago. Now, listen… its not shallow by any means (You know, the stereotypical wife love for an athlete because of his jersey’s snug fit.). No, I am a real fan of Terrel Owens. I think he’s a great athlete and one of the best receivers who ever played the game. He’s dedicated to his craft, he’s passionate, and he’s extraordinarily gifted. He wants to win. He has the swagger to match and he just inspires me when he touches the field (especially with those catches across the middle).

This season, T.O. achieved what no other player has in the NFL and that is scoring a touchdown against every team… Uh, to which Hubby says, “You know why? Because of all the teams he’s played for so he’s had an unfair advantage” (Hubby, you’re such a hater!! Gosh!). Hubby thinks I just love bad boys in general… (Hmmm… This is the same conversation when he brings up how much I like Bobby Brown and Dennis Rodman [Whatever, don’t judge me!]). Look, who doesn’t black out every once and a while? T.O. has his moments and so does every other superstar athlete (I think its in their nature.).

Now with the Buffalo Bills, my thing is, what’s wrong with admiring (a.k.a ‘loving’) a player who encompasses the position in which he plays? I mean, what off-the-field antics have you heard about T.O. (No, he didn’t try to kill himself.)? He’s not one of these knuckle head superstar athletes who starts fights in clubs, rapes women, or shoots himself. And, the media… don’t get me started with the media. Even Deion Sanders (former superstar player/current analyst) says the media’s questions are posed to setup T.O. to “react”.

I’m just saying… Whether he’s with the Boys (Dallas Cowboys, that is… for the NFL-challenged) or the Bills, T.O. can depend on me being a fan. Wait… in the heat of husband/wife battle I don’t bring up Hubby’s secret love crush on Angelina Jolie, do I? And, uh, she doesn’t even, well uh… Okay, she’s not too bad of a crush to have either.

Am I wrong?…

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